White: The Only Righteous Race

Perhaps you heard that a bomb was discovered in Spokane this week? Thankfully, it was detonated before anyone was harmed. Police have confirmed that the bomb was designed to kill or maim a significant number of people. A gal I know works downtown not far from where the bomb was found. I didn’t learn until [Read More…]

Upcoming Gigs

I’m going to be in the following cities soon. I’ll be swinging by other cities enroute, so I’ve specifically built in some visiting time that includes stops in Tennessee. Would you be in prayer as I prepare for these engagements?And if you are in the neighborhood, please join us: – Books Alive, Panama City Florida. [Read More…]

When the good we do is enough

When I left the athletic club the other night it was pouring the rain. I mean pouring. I needed to go by the grocery store but decided to forget that and just head on home. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I eyed a girl directly across the four-lane. It was dark enough [Read More…]

Interview with author Tom Franklin

Racism is at the heart of Mississippi writer Tom Franklin’s “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter”. Join author Karen Spears Zacharias as she talks with Tom Franklin about his latest bestseller. Karen: How did the story of “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter” first present itself to you? Tom: Way, way back in 2003, when “Hell at the Breech” [Read More…]

Update from Daddy on Baby Adam

Thanks for your prayers. Here’s the latest message from David about Adam: Dear Friends and Family, The latest news on Adam is that we checked out of the hospital last night and will be checking back into it on Monday. Yesterday afternoon I spoke with the surgeon. He has been working on Adam’s case all [Read More…]

Old too soon, Smart too late

I’ve driven down this road hundreds of times and never even noticed before. I’ve dubbed him the Creepy Old Guy but feel free to come up with your own caption. I’m not sure if he was always there, alongside the road, and I was just too busy to notice. Or if he just appeared willy-nilly [Read More…]

Awaiting our Rescue

There is nothing quite as thrilling as a RESCUE story. I’ve heard and retold countless such stories over the years. Old women saved from burning buildings and young mothers from fiery car wrecks. Babies plucked from death pits and soldiers swooped up out of enemy rice fields. The teen who nearly drowned and the father [Read More…]

In the Presence of the Praiseworthy

I was reading in the Psalm the other day and came upon this: With praises from children and from tiny infants, you have built a fortress. It makes your enemies silent, and all who turn against you are left speechless. (Psalm 8: 2) It just so happened that I read that verse on Saturday, the [Read More…]

Do you know your neighbor?

Isolated. That’s how neighbors are describing Jared Loughner’s family. Extremely private people, not the sort to engage. Wayne Smith, who has lived across the street from the Loughner family since 1972, broke the news to Amy and Randy Loughner that their son had been arrested in connection with the Tuscon shooting. The news devastated the [Read More…]

Hillbilly Language Lessons

golly-whopper: noun: Something extraordinary of its kind. “That was a golly-whopper of a championship game last night.” “That Oregon defense is a golly-whopper.” “That Cam Newton has a golly-whopper of an arm.” “Fifty-four years between one championship to another is a golly-whopper of a wait.” “Fans from both teams report that they had a golly-whopper [Read More…]

Cancel Church, please

I wanted them to cancel church this morning. I am not saying I wanted them to close the doors. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about forgetting the music and sermon they spent the week planning. I wanted Pastor to call us together as a body and say, “You know what? We aren’t going [Read More…]

Birthers: Get some counseling

Every single time one of the Birthers gets to carrying on about Obama’s birth certificate or the lack thereof, I feel like the kid at the fair sitting next to the Crazy Lady. Seriously, Birthers: Get some counseling. Your nation will thank you. And your children will most likely thank God. [Read more…]

The holiness of dragonflies & such

  It’s a rare thing that unfolds, like the mystery of happening upon dozens of dragonflies in the bushes outside a favorite bookstore. “Think of me whenever you see a dragonfly,” she said shortly before dying. “Why the dragonfly?” I inquired, curious. There had been no special mention of dragonflies between us prior to then. No hilarity [Read More…]

Redux: Discussing Doublewide

At Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon, Pastor Ken Wytsma holds an “after-the-sermon” gathering called Redux. This is for the folks who want to participate in a conversation about the scriptural truths presented. During this past Sunday’s redux, someone asked Pastor Ken about Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide? [Read more…]

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