In the trenches with teens

Editor’s note: I asked a gal who is raising teens to review Kenda Dean’s Almost Christian book. Jennifer’s review folos. Almost Christian, by Kenda Creasy Dean Reviewed by Jennifer Pursley Kenda Creasy Dean’s Almost Christian is a response to a longitudinal study by Christian Smith and Melinda Denton at Notre Dame University.  Dean helped with [Read More…]

Baby XXL

I hold the family record thus far for the biggest babies. My oldest, Stephan, was 21 inches and a whopping 9 lbs. 6 oz. He was followed by the twins who weighed in at 14 lbs. total, tho, by comparison they were petite. Then came Konnie at 9 lb. 7 oz but only 19 inches [Read More…]

Plane fight with my anti-ego

I’m not quite sure this counts as a moral dilemma but it might. I had to change my flight out of D.C., which meant I basically went on same day standby. There was a mix-up and the board meeting I thought was on Wednesday was actually on Friday. Not a problem except Friday was my birthday and [Read More…]

Serve Somebody

It is the tradition of those visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall to leave behind a gift or rememberance at the panel of the name of the loved one. This year I took along a photo of my nephew David and his new sons. These are my father’s first great-grandchildren. David, who is my father’s namesake, [Read More…]

The Veteran

    The Veteran   Butterbean sits at The Veteran’s bedside. She’s a junkyard dog. The Veteran pulled her from underneath a trailer parked up at Ault’s Auto Parts and in so doing earned her companionship, something she so seldom grants, seeing how she truly is a junkyard dog down to her very core.   [Read More…]

More from Yusef

[Read more…]

Facing It

I met Yusef, some years ago. In the mountains, home to Fishtrap and Mirror Lake. Write, he said. Tell your father’s story, so they’ll remember. And so I did. But they don’t remember him, not like I do. [Read more…]

A Mason jar & a manila envelope

Saturday afternoon late, the doorbell rang. Ever since the kids moved off our doorbell doesn’t ring much. Tim and I lead pretty quite lives with our books and our demonic dog. Oh. Sure. Halloween is an exception but on the day-to-day basis, especially on Saturdays, the house is pretty quiet. I was engrossed in Tom [Read More…]

The Love of One Pastor

Pastor Smitty and Mis Betty at one of my book events in Georgia this past spring.   My girlfriend was sitting by a hospital bed when I called the other day. “Hey,” she said. “I think there is someone here you will want to speak to.” She put the phone up next to his ear. [Read More…]

The Election Results of another Era

The voting is over but the blame-game and the debates continue. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at another era – 1810. At that time James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, was president. Madison, a Democrat-Republican (that was the name of the party), is credited primarily for the War [Read More…]

Beth Moore: No gimmicks, Just Jesus

  He stood at the altar on Sunday morning, one hand gripping a cane, the other raised in adoration. I’m not sure now how it is that he came about to use that cane, this bear of a man. It might have been a stroke, maybe a heart attack. Whatever the reason, he hasn’t had [Read More…]

Q & A with River Jordan

River Jordan’s fourth novel – The Miracle of Mercy Land – garnered a starred review in Publishers Weekly. That will come as no surprise to the many readers who have long felt that River Jordan is a magical storyteller. Mercy Land is a journalist who works for the Bay City newspaper, alongside Doc, the editor-in-chief. [Read More…]

More poetry

I have been on the road a lot over the past few weeks and more of the same is ahead of me as I head back to Bend this week to hear Annie Lamott at the Nature of Words event. Then off to DC for the Veterans Day events the following week, which means heading [Read More…]

The Devil & Dobson: Thoughts on Halloween

It’s James Dobson, not the Devil and Jim Beam, that spooks me. Some people go through bouts of drinking, others through bouts of drugging. Me? I went through a bout of Dobson. Oh. I suppose it’s not completely fair to blame it all on Dobson, although, he was the wind beneath my wanna-be-angel wings. Still, [Read More…]

The Myth of Progress

  Joel Osteen better pay attention before he ends up in the same ugly mess as the Reverend Robert H. Schuller. Schuller might soon be yanking a foreclosure notice from the doors of his Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. The empire created by the 84-year-old Reverend has filed for bankruptcy. The ministry is a whopping $43 [Read More…]