Dance of the Deliberate

(Editor’s note: I have been a fan of Don Miller’s Mentoring Project from back in the day when it was the Belmont Foundation. Tyler Braun asked me if I’d contribute to a blogging campaign on mentoring. What about you? Do you have a mentor? Have you been a mentor?)     My daughter called me for advice recently. She [Read More…]

Paul Young & Mark Driscoll: Practicing Forgiveness

Pastor Mark Driscoll isn’t the only person to take issue with The Shack. Author Paul Young said his mama had a hard time with the book, too. The difference between Driscoll and Bernice Young, however, is that at least she tried to read it. Driscoll didn’t bother to read it before he took to the [Read More…]

Mississippi gave us Jesus, Elvis and Oprah

I’m at work on a new book. I’ve been talking to a bunch of different folks about their thoughts on Eschatology, which is just a high-flutin word for do you think that fella who irritates you so badly is going to be left behind when the Rapture takes place?  Or maybe you don’t believe in [Read More…]

Go To Hell

Last week Hugh Hollowell (LOVEWINS) was on stage with Shane Claiborne and Johnathan Wilson-Hartgrove at Big Tent Christianity. Hugh is The Marine in Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? The following is the talk Hugh gave and now you know why I adore me some Hugh Hollowell: According to Jesus, loving your neighbor is half of [Read More…]