After two seasons, crooner Connick’s daytime talker will come to an end … and he hasn’t yet had his dream guest on: Pope Francis. Read more

Amid the hookup culture, “free love” and the dismantling of one societal norm after another, anyone under the age of 40 appears to have lost the plot entirely on dating. If you think I’m exaggerating, you won’t after seeing “The Dating Project.” More later, but here’s an introduction to this extraordinary documentary, which is as relevant for secular audiences as it is for Christians … Singles of all ages wonder why it’s so hard to meet, date and marry today…. Read more

  Truth can be found almost anywhere, if you’re looking. I think I may have found a bit in the wild and woolly world of social media. In my former life, I was a full-time entertainment journalist. You live and die by clicks and shares in modern journalism, so it’s an unequivocal demonstration of what people care about, and what they don’t. Now, I’m a part-time journalist, a part-time screenwriter and a full-time social-media manager. The last, while not sounding… Read more

There was a time that the mainstream media wasn’t so kind to players proclaiming their Christian faith — but winning a Super Bowl changes a lot. Read more

PETA’s latest ad features a Catholic Church, a priest, a lady with lace on her head, and a confessional. These things are Catholic — but the ad isn’t. Read more

Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles is headed to the Super Bowl, but he’s got his sights set on something higher — being a high-school pastor. Read more

In a proposed pilot for CBS from prolific producer Greg Berlanti, God friends an atheist on Facebook (but don’t jump to conclusions). Read more

The director of “The Exorcist” and the star and director of “The Post” have something in common — the Catholic Rite of Exorcism. Read more

Justin Tucker, the NFL’s top-rated kicker, a devout Catholic, shows off his opera-singing skills in a CBS talent show featuring NFL players. Read more

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