Comes a Horse: The Other American Eclipse

How can the great Thoroughbred American Eclipse, and his successors, from Man O’War to American Pharoah, inspire us today? Read more

5 for Friday: ‘The Defenders,’ ‘Newtown’ and More on Netflix

For weekend viewing, “The Defenders” offers a team of comic-book superheroes, while the “Newtown” documentary profiles real ones. Read more

‘The Middle’ Star Patricia Heaton Takes to Twitter to Defend Those With Down Syndrome

Patricia Heaton is a rare creature in Hollywood — a bankable star who’s also a fierce defender of life, including for those with Down syndrome. Read more

‘Pilgrimage’: Filmmaker/Priest Isn’t Impressed With the Violent (and Inaccurate) Medieval Saga

Filmmaker Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C., takes a moviemaking and theological look at the medieval saga “Pilgrimage,” and finds it wanting on both scores. Read more

Violent ‘Pilgrimage’: Jon Bernthal and Tom Holland Are Medieval Monks on a Mission

Opening Friday, Aug. 11, in limited release, “Pilgrimage” follows a group of monks in early 13th-century Ireland, struggling to transport a holy relic to Rome. If you think the Church is the hero of this quest, you may be wrong. Tom Holland, the newest screen Spider-Man, and Jon Bernthal — the Punisher in Netflix’s Catholic-flavored comic-book drama “Daredevil,” soon to have his own spin-off — play, respectively, a shy young monk and a mute former Crusader. They’re part of the… Read more

‘Annabelle: Creation’: Should You Go? A Priest and Exorcist Says, Know Thyself

On Aug. 11, “Annabelle: Creation” hits theaters. It’s about demon possession, and a nun is a character, but should Catholics go see it? A priest weighs in. Read more

God and Man at the NFL Hall of Fame Induction 2017

From Kenny Easley to Kurt Warner, 2017 inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame include God in their thanks for outstanding careers. Read more

TNT/TBS Head Kevin Reilly on ‘Will,’ Tracy Morgan and Faith on TV

Kevin Reilly talks about TNT’s “Will,” TBS’ “People of Earth’ and ‘The Last O.G.,” and how he’s interested in showing faith on TV. Read more

‘Will’: Why Catholics Should Be Watching TNT’s Shakespeare Drama

After seeing the first four episodes of “Will,” I was intrigued but didn’t hold out much hope for the show — but I ended the run as a fan. Read more

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman on Media Perception vs. Reality: ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman offers a lesson to the media on how to tell competition from conflict — if they interested in truth, that is. Read more

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