Let’s Talk About Sex

I went to Mass Sunday morning at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. The Gospel and homily were appropriately about sacramental cleansing.

Appropriate, always. And maybe especially when we are being called in a whole new way to be apostles in the United States. Are we who we say we are? Will we fight for the right to be? Or has something else become our religion?

Right before Mass ended, Fr. Bill Dailey, CSC, talked about our current moment of “political crisis,” quoting Chris Matthews on MSNBC saying he had never heard a homily on contraception in any of his Catholic Church-going. He’s right, Fr. Dailey, said. “Hopefully,” he said, this will force us to “more forthrightly” “embrace the truth … seek the truth.” Pray for us as a church, he said. Pray for priests, he pleaded.

It is “our obligation to receive the teachings of the Church with courage and openness,” he reminded us.

Let’s talk about what we believe. And live it already. We owe it to ourselves, to our brothers and sisters. And, above all, our God.

  • Jozefo

    It seems that a lot of us Catholics have just slid by and not given much thought to the basic beliefs and practices of our faith. Now when our church may be outlawed by a couple HHS regulations we don’t even understand the threat.

  • Linus

    I have never heard the word ” contreception ” at any mass I ever attended either. Nor have I ever heard the word ” abortion. ” I have heard allusions to abortion but no allusions to contreception. This may be due to the fact that this may not be proper in mixed groups and with young people and children present. I respect that feeling. Our current Bishop however has been forthright about both and other moral problems in his weekly addresses and articles.

  • Deacon Henry

    When my brother died two years ago, I preached on the Four Last Things; Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. Afterwards, my sister-in-law said many of our nephews and neices would now probably go to confession. Last month I preached on whether we are placing our politics before our religion. My parishioners were Hispanic who mostly happen to be democrat. I mentioned the persecution the Church is under both around the world and by our own administration. My intent was to emphasize that only the Church speaks with authority and power. The authority and power that can only come from Jesus Christ.

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