Divinely Awesome

Describing a student studying St. Thomas on the existence of God, a priest said to me this morning: Once we have awe, we can make some real progress.

And did this priest ever exude awe for the Savior He has given his earthly life to! And with a clarity only God provides. He faces his life with joy, even as he faces cancer, as he relies on His Creator for his real strength. Looking forward to hearing “It is finished” from God Himself when it is his time, whenever that is. Reminding all visitors what we are truly living for. And that we never do know the hour. So be ready!

These are the days for encountering the awesome, embracing Christ and becoming one with the Divine Will. It is not something that will be done with today. But if we will only let Him begin! Then we are getting somewhere where we need and I daresay want to be.

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