Not Mission Impossible

A Church bulletin from March I happened upon, that ought to be shared:

Note to Georgetown law students – Catholic teaching is very simple:  Boys and girls are born into the world.  Boys and girls grow up.  They practice their Catholic Faith and participate in the sacraments, especially Confession and Holy Communion.  Coming of age, they date one another and refrain from sexual activity until the knot is tied.  If they get serious, they may choose to be engaged for marriage.  They prepare for marriage with the Church’s guidance.  They celebrate the sacrament of marriage.  Then they drive off into the sunset for the honeymoon.  Note:  the honeymoon comes after marriage.  Then, God willing, babies.  There, that was easy.  (Even a Georgetown law student can get this down if he or she tries.)

Here’s the beauty of the Faith – If you get the preceding a little out of order because of human weakness, we have a safety net:  Confession!

But please do not call evil good.

  • Bob Puharic

    I like K-Lo; I really do. I think she’s a sweet, genuinely nice person. I’ve read obits she’s posted on political opponents and they’re truly humane.

    But I also think she’s daft. Somehow she’s internalized the sexual obsession that characterizes much of the Christian right. They’ve got it in their heads that each and every sexual act must be regulated by church and society ad nauseum. All of them, each and every time. And the consequences must as well. There is no poverty in America; it’s only abortion. No infant mortality; only abortion. No deaths by gunfire; only stem cells and abortion.

    It’s sad and disappointing to see a very natural and wonderful human experience distorted beyond the point of recognition. I’ve read “Humanae Vitae”. I read it when it was published and I was amazed at its naivete. Only a group of men who’ve never been with women would publish such a hermetic view of relationships. It’s a tragedy. Sex, premarital and marital, is a wonderful exploration of humanity.

    And the ‘pro life’ situation is a cascading waterfall of hypocrisy. I’ll concede for the moment that abortion is ‘murder’. Yet America has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the western world. Prolifers are silent. We kill 450,000 people each year because of cigaret smoking. Those of us who care for the ill and dying know them as real as any unborn infant. Yet the poisoning of our children by this holocaust is ignored by prolifers; no doubt because it has nothing to do with sex.

    Stem cells? We have 11,000 human beings killed by gunfire in the US every year. More silence from prolifers Again, probably because it has nothing to do with sex.

    You can see a thread here; it’s all sex. Andrew Sullivan’s cover essay in “Newsweek” had it exactly right. American Christianity is now a religion of sex, no less than fundamentalist Islam. It’s one reason why 20% of young people are religiously unaffiliated. The inhumanity of stigmatizing gays, the obsession with sex, the hypocrisy of the ‘prolife’ crusade that ignores the slaughter of hundreds of thousands via drug induced cancers all point to an inbreed and ultimately toxic religion.

    But K Lo is a nice person.

  • bob puharic

    I made a comment here showing the hypocrisy of Christian attitudes towards sex…Christianity, I showed, is becoming a religion obsessed with sex.

    You deleted it. I knew you would. Your religion is nothing more than a self aggrandizing, moralizing neurotic belief system that has not the courage to even listen to dissent.

    That’s OK. There are those of us with the courage that you lack. We’re not giving up.

    • Kathryn Jean Lopez

      actually, i didn’t manage to see it yet to hit the publish button. it was only yesterday that i figured out i had to do such a thing, so you happen to be in the first 24 hours or so of comments on this blog ever. thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Iris Celeste

    I know where I’ll be going to Mass if I’m ever in Annandale Virginia on Sunday!

  • Bob Puharic

    I was mistaken when I said K Lo didn’t publish my original note. Sorry, K Lo…(told you she is a nice person!)

  • Hunter Baker

    Thanks for sharing this, K-Lo. I’d like to see something similar in my own church bulletin. Very soon.