The Kids in Congress’s Backyard

John Boehner has demonstrated a commitment to them. The Speaker’s social-justice project – one of them, closest to his heart – is some of poorest children in the city, served by the Consortium of Catholic Academies. Tonight in Washington, D.C., he will be headlining a fundraiser for the Paula Nowakowski Scholars Fund with the Consortium of Catholic Academies, benefitting District of Columbia children in the toughest areas of town. These kids are in Congress’s backyard and it is only fitting that the Speaker would honor his late friend in this way – investing in kids’ lives and souls.
As Paul Ryan gets protested at Georgetown for trying to make a budget true to Catholic social teaching (see NRO later today for more), this, too, is the stuff of actual social justice.
More on these schools and John Boehner’s involvement here.

  • eric

    “…Paul Ryan gets protested at Georgetown for trying to make a budget true to Catholic social teaching”

    Uh, give me break. That’s crap and you know it. Perhaps, just perhaps, if the budget were true to Catholic social teaching the Conference of Catholic Bishops wouldn’t be attacking it. But I get it (we all get it) you only support the Bishops with regard to matters involving sex.

  • Mary O’Donnell

    Funny how disagreeing with the US Catholic Bishops on matters of sex is regarded as a full-frontal attack on “religious freedom” but disagreeing with them on matters regarding the social welfare of the country is just a difference of opinion on “true Catholic social teaching.” This K-lo person doesn’t sound very Catholic to me. Does she think we’re stupid?

  • Andy s

    I honestly cannot understand why so many smart, Catholic people, laity and the Bishops, are attacking Ryan and his budget. Is it a reflexive thing? Have they read and studied it? It, along with his amazing America’s Enduring Promise speech at Georgetown, seems sober, serious, mature, and fully Catholic in all respects.

    Is it “un-Catholic” to tighten up the financial belt when it is truly called for? What am I missing?

    Is it unreasonable to assume that America’s poor, and the world’s poor for that matter, will be much worse off if America’s economy and government collapse in the future under the unbearable weight of the largest debt in the history of mankind? I think this is what Ryan sees and wants to help us avoid.