The Kids in Congress’s Backyard

John Boehner has demonstrated a commitment to them. The Speaker’s social-justice project – one of them, closest to his heart – is some of poorest children in the city, served by the Consortium of Catholic Academies. Tonight in Washington, D.C., he will be headlining a fundraiser for the Paula Nowakowski Scholars Fund with the Consortium of Catholic Academies, benefitting District of Columbia children in the toughest areas of town. These kids are in Congress’s backyard and it is only fitting that the Speaker would honor his late friend in this way – investing in kids’ lives and souls.
As Paul Ryan gets protested at Georgetown for trying to make a budget true to Catholic social teaching (see NRO later today for more), this, too, is the stuff of actual social justice.
More on these schools and John Boehner’s involvement here.

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