Chicago’s Finest

I am delighted by the news that Fr. Robert Barron will be the rector-president of Mundelein Seminary/University of St. Mary of the Lake, outside Chicago. Fr. Barron is responsible for the top-notch Catholicism series that aired, partially, on PBS this fall. The message of this appointment is (at least to this non-seminarista): The New Evangelization is about full-on, faithful, engagement with the culture. He’s a fatherly catechist, a rigorous, compassionate priest, with a humble self-confidence in the Truth he has given his (still-young) life to. At a time of unprecedented challenges, and outright attacks on religious faith — and the Catholic Church in particular — in the wake of scandal, this is good news, as the Good News continues to be proclaimed, using all media available.

Join me in prayer today for Fr. Barron and the men, present and future, of Mundelein? A Hail Mary for the fathers?

(More on and Fr. Father Barron here and here and here.)

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  • Christopher Wallmark

    Since the loss of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, I have come to view Fr. Robert Barron as one of the most important voices of evangelization and apologetics for the Church in America. His common sense, easily understood explanations of all things Catholic in the public square are what is needed in these times. The seminarians at Mundelein are truly blessed to have Fr. Barron as their rector. I only hope these new responsibilities do not hinder his needed commentary and homilies at his Word on Fire website.