• bob

    K-Lo, a moral socialist who thinks sex should be nationalized, wants a big govt state controlling private decisions. It’s a bit said when socialism masquerades as freedom. But, then, the recent “Slate” article kind of described her to a T. Me? I value freedom. Moral socialism is all the rage among the far right. It’ll be the end of freedom if the GOP wins.

    • Jonia

      It isn’t moral socialism to desire the right to not only believe, but to live to one’s personal religious standards. It is the loss, not the gain, of freedom to tell a person (or a company) that they must pay for services and goods that are morally repugnant to them. It is a loss, not a gain, of freedom that the federal government (through judicial fiat) tells states and the citizenry that abortion-on-demand and gay marriage and other socially liberal policies must be allowed – despite the views of said citizenry. Those on the right (with a few unfortunate exceptions) will not actually tell you how to live your moral life. That is your God-given agency to choose. It is also, however, the God-given agency of others not to have to pay for or endorse that behavior.

      • Really

        Wait, if I live my life according to my religious beliefs and do nothing to tell you what to believe, then somehow it is YOUR rights that have been violated? You can try to turn this upside down all day, but you are the ones trying to force others to live a certain way. You say “will not actually tell you how to live your moral life”. Well, voting abortion into the back alleys and voting away my right to marry is in fact exactly that.

        You are the ones violating my rights to my religion or to be free FROM religion. Don’t like abortion and gay marriage? Don’t do it, But this is America and you have no moral right to force your beliefs on us or to “vote” away my rights to equal protection under the law. This is NOT Afghanistan.

    • Cutlass

      Does it bother that your entire perspective on this issue is rooted in demonstrable falsehood?

      Who wants to nationalize sex? What does that even mean? Even the more hardcore social conservatives generally want to be left alone to set standards in their own communities. For example, conservatives who find naked hippies or BDSM street fairs offensive may avoid going to San Francisco, but no red state conservative that I know of proposes to use the national government to force SF into line. In contrast, liberals insist that EVERYONE, in every corner of the nation conform to and affirm THIER views. If they fail on the ballot, my move to impose their will through the courts or through intimidation. The left wants to nationalize everything.

  • Colleen

    BOB, K-Lo ROCKS! She always speaks the truth!

  • Mike

    Poor Bob! Enslaved by socialist propaganda.

  • bob

    Morally repugnant to them? So when Muslims in the middle east oppress Christians because Christianity is morally repugnant, that’s OK? Rather strange view of freedom that lets you impose your values on others rather than treating everyone equally.

    Yes, those on the right SPECIALIZE in being bluenoses.Just look at how Scalia thinks it’s fine to outlaw homosexuality, or Santorum thinks masturbation should be outlawed.

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  • Cho

    Ryan begging for TARP to be passed. So much for his “economics”.

  • tern

    “this is America and you have no moral right to force your beliefs on us”

    But you’ve got the moral right to force your beliefs on us, right, because you don’t claim that they are religiously based? Hate to break it to you, Sparky, but whichever side wins will be forcing their beliefs on the other side. Your claim is a distortion intended to cause those who believe in true morality to disarm.

    Not gonna happen.

  • TB

    While I share the enthusiasm about having a mature, moral adult as the vice presidential candidate as opposed to the buffoon currently occupying the office , I have very little faith in Catholics recognizing what consistent Christian values are in spite of what they profess to be their “religion.” The majority of them went for a Catholic bashing, sanctity of life desecrating, homosexual marriage pushing, liberty destroying odd ball when it comes to American heritage.

    they seem to be immune to Christian doctrine…

  • justamom

    “The main criticism of Ryan may be that he’s spent his adult life working in Washington” or rather the voting record he has established during that adult life in DC that clearly shows he has no understanding of or appreciation for the US Constitution that he has sworn to uphold and he certainly has no idea about or why solidarity and subsidiarity are so important to a free and just people, let alone any respect for these supposed Catholic ideals. I imagine that his participation in St John Vianney Parish in Janesville, Wisconsin, however, is a fundamental part of his local power base that enables his “career” in DC. He definitely understands THAT part of the subsidiarity concept anyway, like most DC politicians.
    “this will also be the tremendous advantage he will bring to a Romney administration: knowledge about how to get things done there” Yes, indeed, he knows very well how to spend, spend, and spend some more. He knows how to talk about cutting back while spending, how to spout rhetoric about freedom while spending, how to “feel the pain” while spending and how to fearmonger while spending. He knows all about spending in every conceivable position in DC, that is for absolutely sure.