False Narrative, False Divide: Social Justice vs. Pro-Life Catholics

Also on The World Over this week, George Weigel additionally made the point that: “There is no such division,” as the one we’ve been seeing in polls and in vice-presidential debates, on account of the vice president, between so-called pro-life and pro-social-justice Catholics. “The teaching of JPII and Benedict XVI has made unmistakably clear that the life issues are priority social-justice issues,” Weigel pointed out. “So you can’t take a pass on those issues in the name of being a ‘social-justice Catholic,’” he made clear.

George was quick to point out as well that “the Catholic concern for social justice does not end with the life issues. It extends to other issues … like economy, like tax policy, like foreign policy,” which is something that Paul Ryan has articulated, including in his poverty speech this week. “But to say that these are separable clusters of questions is just wrong. It’s wrong rationally. And it is wrong in terms of the teaching of the Church,” Weigel said.

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