What Is the Reward?

A number of the news stories about the canonizations in Rome today make reference to sainthood — the naming of — as a “reward.” It is, of course, a tremendous thing. But it’s more for us — those of us still living on earth, struggling, trying to be holy — isn’t it? The real reward is eternal life. Accolades — even at Mass in Rome — pale in comparison.
We are reminded of this call, understanding our lives as an enrollment in a school of holiness. And what great teachers we have — these men and women who accomplished it by loving, trusting surrender.

  • Ted Seeber

    Recently when arguing with an atheist over the current church teaching on the definitions of Heaven and Hell, he accused God of turning Christians into “a bunch of mindless praisebots”.

    To which my answer was “Yes, so? The Catholic Mass is practice for Heaven. If you truly want to be one with God and the Communion of Saints, why would you NOT want to become a mindless praisebot?”