Purification & Healing

Here is a reflection for today:

God has created us for himself and, in the words of Saint Augustine, our hearts are restless until they find their rest in him. Even in today’s secularized society, this desire for God continues to make itself felt, above all in the experience of love. In love, which seeks the good of the other, we find ourselves by giving ourselves away, in a process involving the purification and healing of our hearts. So too in friendship, in the experience of beauty and the thirst for truth and goodness: we sense that we are caught up in a process which points us beyond ourselves to a mystery in which we dimly perceive the promise of complete fulfilment. Thanks to this innate religious sense, we can open our hearts to the gift of faith which draws us ever closer to God, the source of all good and the fulfilment of our deepest desire. During this Year of Faith, let us pray for our contemporaries who seek the truth with a sincere heart, that they may come to know the joy and freedom born of faith.

Courtesy of B16 today.

  • Thomas Luce

    A Syllogism:
    Catholic teaching opposes abortion.
    Hispanics are devout and observant Catholics.
    Hispanics, as devout and observant Catholics, will act in opposition to abortion, in accord with Catholic teaching.
    President Obama supports abortion.
    Hispanics, as devout Catholics who oppose abortion, will not support Obama’s re-election.
    Fact: 70% of Hispanics voted for Obama in the 2012 election.
    Where does this failure reside? In the Catholic pulpit–with the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church.