In God We Trust

This morning, as he delivered his Sunday Angelus message, the pope talked about rediscovering the beauty of Baptism, “being born again from above, from the love of God, and live as a child of God.” In response/at the same time feminists, protesters took off their tops to insist “he shut up his mouth,” for “in gay we trust.”

Someone had a constructive and powerful message Sunday. Unfortunately, the other message is the one that makes world headlines. Which is but one reason why anyone who believes, with John the Baptist, that Jesus Christ is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,” we had better overwhelm the world with our witness to this truth. So that it is unmistakable and impossible to miss. Even with topless women in St. Peter’s Square.

As Pope Benedict said to Sunday’s crowd:

The Evangelist Luke recounts that when Jesus once baptized, “was praying, the heavens opened, and the Holy Spirit in a bodily shape like a dove descended upon him, and a voice came from heaven: “You are the Son my beloved, in you I am well pleased ‘”(3:21-22).

This Jesus is the Son of God who is totally immersed in the will of the Father’s love. This Jesus is the One who died on the cross and resurrected by the power of the same Spirit that now rests upon Him, and consecrates him. This Jesus is the new man who wants to live as a son of God, that is in love; the man who, in the face of evil in the world, chooses the path of humility and responsibility, chooses not to save himself but give his own life for truth and justice.
Being Christian means living like this, but this kind of life involves a rebirth: reborn from above, from God, by grace. This rebirth is Baptism, which Christ has given to the Church to regenerate men to new life.

If it is, in fact, in God we trust, let’s show it, let’s live it!

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