Are We Alive in Faith?

To answer this question we have to take a look at our lives (and every day). Are we growing in faith? Are we focused, returning our focus, renewing our focus on Christ? We’re called to be living stones, built up to be a spiritual edifice.
On Twitter, this qualifies as a #HomilyTweet. Listen here.
If you haven’t already, and want to get your roots deeper in Christ, read Lumen Fidei, the work of four hands, Pope Benedict XVI and Francis. For religion isn’t meant to be a safe harbor, on the sidelines, just for an hour on a weekend, if that. If were are rocks, we, and those around us, can be strong when “the storms of life” come. And oh how they do — I certainly am not breaking any news here. We will be fine — and then some — if in all humility and hope we acknowledge that real strength comes only from God.

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