Father! Father!

One of the surprising delights of the new movie Gimmie Shelter is the presence of a Catholic priest. Inspired by a real Catholic priest working with Several Sources Shelters, James Earl Jones plays the father whose wisdom, and guidance and love a girl called Apple so needs. He arrives after she’s reached the point of desperation and teaches her what she always wanted to believe but no one in her life would bolster: That she’s the apple of God’s eye. That she has a Father who loves us. “Maybe you’re exactly where you need to be,” he says to her. Isn’t that so often the case? Often when we least realize it?

The work of pregnancy resource centers is highlighted in this beautiful, gripping movie. And I was so delighted to see the fatherhood of the priesthood on such loving display. Goodness knows that hasn’t been a cultural mainstay in recent years. On behalf of all the good an faithful priests who dedicate their lives to being shepherds of Christ in such a radical way, I am grateful. And, of course, I give thanks for them!
If Gimme Shelter can give women hope, encourage support for crisis-pregnancy centers and maternity homes, and open a heart to a good shepherd, open a door to a Church, thanks be to God! This is the kind of quality creative work we need to build a culture of life and civilization of love!
The movie is such a celebration of life, motherhood, and fatherhood. Do see it! Do support it! Let’s have more of it!

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