‘Strive for Peace with Everyone’


Every once in a while — a little more often than that lately perhaps — I get into conversations with people about peace. Pax Christi, you know. It can seem a foreign thing, with all our noise and anxieties, all our concerns and responsibilities, so many burdens weighing on us. But when we know we [Read More...]

Set Out to Pray. He Will Take It from There.

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If you find yourself restless and distracted, advice from a Carmelite, Sr. Ruth Burrows, via the indispensable Magnificat: I do not think readers would want to be bored to tears by an account of what goes on in my head during prayer! Distractions are my unfailing companions at prayer; but I have learned that prayer [Read More...]

‘love, real love, divine, unconditional love, actually happens in human lives’


It is true. “Love, real love, divine, unconditional love, actually happens in human lives.” I know this is true, in part, because I had a teacher when I was an undergraduate at the Catholic University of America who radiated it. He was Fr. Kurt Pritzl, who taught philosophy, generosity, faith, and love. He taught fortitude. [Read More...]

March for Life Is a Marathon

The March for Life isn’t just a political protest but a marathon! Literally. My friends at Life Runners take that seriously and are holding the Inaugural Nellie Gray 5K Run/Walk with Kids 1K Fun Run Saturday morning in Washington, after the March today. Jeff Grabosky is co-director of the event and author of Running with [Read More...]

Remember Doctor Nathanson


I’ve had the late Bernard Nathanson on my mind all day. Perhaps because I started my day at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where his funeral Mass was held. In his book, The Hand of God, about his conversion from a leading practitioner of abortion — a founder of NARAL — he wrote: As I look back [Read More...]

Have You Prayed Today?

Specifically the first part of a nine day novena marking the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade? To ease the pain of this grave reality? Today we are drawn out of ourselves to pray for the mother who remembers her child in a culture that tries to pretend there never was anything but a choice. [Read More...]

Have I Encouraged Someone Today?

Don’t you love the passage from Hebrews that happened to be the first reading at Masses on Thursday this week? “The Holy Spirit says.” The Spirit speaks to us. Today. Are we listening? The Spirit says: “Harden not your hearts.” Do not have an evil and unfaithful heart. Do not forsake the living God. And [Read More...]

How Do We Live Authentic Faith?


“It is not enough by far to have taken radical initial steps of conversion and to be a reasonably observant and faithful Christian. At the center of our being we must remain poor and free and available to God, rather than barricade ourselves through habit to the approaches of God’s ever-surprising grace.” That, as I [Read More...]