Welcome Jesus!!

I just joined Pope Benedict XVI and very cold pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus. It is cold here. But are our hearts? This Advent, “give space and welcome Jesus, the Word that saves us, to our hearts,” the Holy Father implored. I’ve never been here at this time of year. There’s significance [Read More...]

Thank You, Georgetown Professor!

In response to some of the shock-awe-coverage of Cardinal Dolan being a fan of Dorothy Day, John Hirsch, an English professor at Georgetown, writes: “it is a religious, not only political, vision that moved her, and it is that which effectively set her apart from a purely political agenda, and engages us still today.” Thank [Read More...]

Our Choices Have Eternal Consequences

From a recent diocesan paper column: Just as much as Jesus discoursed on the beauty of Heaven, he spoke about the reality of hell. He compared hell to a blazing furnace, an unquenchable fire, a worm that doesn’t die. We can make choices, He said, that cause us to lose body and soul in hell, [Read More...]

Religion Keeps Twitter Buzzing

According to Twitter: I get all kinds of mixed results from random homily tweets myself. I should probably put my iPad away. But sometimes you get feedback that suggests there was a reason you pulled it out … [Read more...]

Do We Love One Another?

Some of the less charitable news stories emphasize Jeffrey Hillman, the homeless man who Office Lawrence DePrimo bought boots for, wanting “a piece of” the notoriety the shoe-buying incident has brought the officer. But you can appreciate the man is in an awkward spot, in this media culture we live in. And the whole incident [Read More...]

Do You Want to Save Christmas?


Then live Advent. “Advent is a discipline: a way of forming anticipation and channeling it toward its goal,” Joseph Bottum writes in his beautiful new book, The Christmas Plains. “Nothing we do can earn us the gift of Christmas, any more than Lent wins us Easter. But a season of contrition and sacrifice prepares us [Read More...]

Practical Tips for Making Advent a Part of Life?

Here. Not heavy theology. But good tips toward making these next weeks more than stressing about Christmas gifts and arrangements. [Read more...]

Will We Choose to Lift the Cloud for Christmas?


Magnifcat had a tough meditation on Saturday — one that at the same time is remarkably consoling. It’s from Saint Catherine of Siena and deals with sin and suffering. And mercy. From her Dialogues, it reads: I give and permit everything out of love, and they are constantly scandalized in me. Yet I patiently endure [Read More...]