Will Justin Timberlake Play You in the New Social Network?

The theme of World Communications Day in May has been announced by the Pontifical Council of Social Communications: “Social Networks: portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization.” In a statement, the Council provides a worthwhile, challenging reflection: During a time in which technology has emerged as part of the fabric of connectivity of [Read More...]

There Are Christians in Hollywood

Catholic schools and Catholicism come up during my chats with Mike and Chip Flaherty, the execs at Walden Media behind the movie Won’t Back Down, out today. [Read more...]

Do We Know How to Vote?

By remembering that “Jesus calls us to a unity of life — to a faith that embraces all of life,” Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles advises. In his most recent column for the archdiocesan paper, he writes: we owe God the duty of our sincere and true faith. That means we can never [Read More...]

Do You Know What’s Truly Great?

Today’s Angelus message ought to make everyone feel a little less lost. Reflecting on Matthew’s gospels, Pope Benedict said: reading this part of the story of Mark, it is clear that between Jesus and the disciples there is a deep interior distance; they are, so to speak, on two different wavelengths, so that the discourses [Read More...]

Introducing: Silent Radio

I was just on The Catholic Channel, Sirius XM Channel 129, to announce the new radio show I’ll be co-hosting this fall with Steve Bannon. It’s called Silent Radio — how’s that for counterintuitive? The title is inspired by B16’s World Communications Day message this year, where he talked about the importance of silence in [Read More...]

Help Wanted: Hildegard of Bingen Enthusiasts

Catholic Voices USA, a group I am working with my friend Kim Daniels (among others) on to help get more young, fresh, faithful Catholics making the case for the Catholic Church in the public square, will be hosting a series of evening discussions in October on soon-to-be canonized Saint Hildegard of Bingen at the Catholic [Read More...]

Is This Ironic or All too Appropriate for the Internets?

From St. Therese of Lisieux: We have only short moments of this life to work for God’s glory. The devil knows this and this is why he tries to make us waste time in useless things. O, let us not waste our time! Let us save souls! [Read more...]

JPII on Marriage

From a homily at a Mass for families in 1986: To wed, for two Christians, is first and foremost an act of faith; it is a way to transfer their human love into the supernatural order, it is an entrusting of their love to God, so that God himself will take it into his care, [Read More...]