Say Her Name, Say Her Name

From Magnificat on the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary:As much as Mary’s holy name is a blessing for us, it is a dread for the evil one. Venerable Thomas a Kempis (1471) observes that the devils fear Mary so much that, if they but hear her holy name pronounced, they fly from the person w … [Read More...]


Pray for Christians in Iraq and Syria Today?

A bit of a mess this week reminds me again how little we in America are doing when we have such tremendous power. Families, individuals, campus groups, parishes, friends, co-workers, couples ... pray for Iraqi and Syrian Christians.Here's a prayer the Knights of Columbus have … [Read More...]

Pope John Paul II ~ 01-710804

Christ Is Key

I’m grateful to Fr. Paul Murray, O.P., for many reasons, and for many reasons even simply for a talk of his I was present for at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota just a few days ago, during Labor Day weekend. Among other things, it nudged me to re-read a saint's homily from 1 … [Read More...]

The Light We Need

I was just reading the latest column from my friend J. David Franks, who teaches at St. John’s Seminary in Massachusetts. He writes:The world is dark. Our own hearts are dark. We have but one task: let the light penetrate us more deeply, and preach that the light is flowing down in starry c … [Read More...]


Father Knows Best

Fr. Steve Grunow from Word on Fire (who I am blessed to have been joining for regular recurring hour-long sessions on Sheila Liaugminas’s Relevant Radio show for over a year now) writes about St. Gregory the Great on his feast day today:Perhaps the greatest spiritual lesson for us in the w … [Read More...]

University of Mary Campus 3 copy

A Labor of Christian Love: Encountering Renewal in Bismarck

I’m spending Labor Day weekend on the campus of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota for a conference on the future of Catholic education (@UMary happens to be bit of an exciting and expanding beacon of just that.It’s a celebration of one of the University of Mary’s latest acqui … [Read More...]


An Atrocity Happens. We Remain Silent?

This is no ordinary opening of an academic year, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., said toward the end of Mass for my alma mater’s academic year. “Atrocities happen because there are people who commit them and because there are people who simply choose to remain silent,” he said at the Basil … [Read More...]


Hail Mary Pass for Christians Under Fire

What if at the top of every waking hour, we each prayed a “Hail Mary” for persecuted Christians in the world? What if every waking hour we did this for those who suffer for – and with -- Christ?As we’re overwhelmed by headlines, this is something we can do. Set a reminder, do what you need to do … [Read More...]


He Never Tired of Repeating That Only Name that Counts

Today (August 20) has been the feast day of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a saint close to the heart of the pope emeritus, Benedict XVI. To know St. Bernard is to understand what passion flows from the heart of God for man.In the Liturgy of the Hours today is this from the abbot of … [Read More...]


Was Your Prayer a Failure?

This was one of the questions a journalist asked Pope Francis on the plane ride back to Rome from Korea:Given what has happened in Gaza, was the Prayer for Peace held in the Vatican on June 8 a failure?Pope Francis answered, in part (according to the English transcript reporter … [Read More...]