1. It was for the love's sake that God in Christ came into the world and it is for love's sake that the Christ sends his Church into the world.— FrSteveGrunow (@FrSteveGrunow) January 26, 2015 2. On St. Francis de Sales: He used media (at the time, printed tracts and books) to evangelize when all of the other doors were shut, and to provide spiritual direction. 3. Are you drifting into danger? 4. From Cardinal Dolan: “Virtue and chastity frees… Read more

1. "The redemption of suffering is an event that transforms the drama of suffering into a drama of love." ~L. Albacete http://t.co/lXwvxPh9Yy— Adopt-a-Priest (@adopt_a_priest) October 19, 2014 2. From a homily (@FrSteveGrunow) for today: our faith as Christians is not simply about having ideas or feelings about God or matriculating through faith based institutions, but is an encounter with a living, divine person who reveals himself to us in Jesus Christ. Our faith is in the divine person Jesus Christ… Read more

The monthly Magnificat magazine (subscribe here) includes a reflection from a French Carthusian monk who died in 1945, Dom Augustin Guillerand. If you’re back into old habits and want to start again before January’s end, with prayer, it might help get us back on track: Life has an inner source, namely God. And God cannot remain inactive. It is he who gives life to all our acts. Thus our inner life is not something to be sought up in the… Read more

1. Correction? Associated Press misses a key detail in story about canonization of Joseph Vaz of Sri Lanka 2. Do you know your temperament? 3. My Q&A with Sam Gregg revisiting Pope Benedict’s Regensburg address on faith and reason and Islam. 4. Msgr. Charles Pope on the sin of gossip. 5. Pope Francis in the Philippines, speaking off the cuff from the heart, in Spanish: we have a Lord who cries with us and walks with us in the most… Read more

From Vatican Radio, a description of Pope Francis’s time with Manila “street children” today: Father Lombardi chooses to describe the deep emotion arising from Pope Francis’s unscheduled meeting with street children which he explains, took place in a home for street children run by the ANAK-Tnk charitable foundation. The home, he says, normally hosts some 20 little girls but present to meet with the Pope there were “Also many other children of different ages” looked after by the same foundation… Read more

1. Bishop James Conley of Lincoln writes: Brittany Maynard was deceived about what dignity really means. Dignity is not the same as painlessness, or the ability to function, or the freedom from becoming a “burden.” A dignified death is not one that is free from suffering, or one that absolves family members from compassion in the face of misery. Brittany Maynard was deceived by a culture that does not understand the meaning of pain, or suffering, or death, because it… Read more

1. St. Athanasius today in the Liturgy of the Hours: The almighty and most holy Word of the Father pervades the whole of reality, everywhere unfolding his power and shining on all things visible and invisible. He sustains it all and binds it together in himself. He leaves nothing devoid of his power but gives life and keeps it in being throughout all of creation and in each individual creature. You, too, can pray the prayer of the Church here…. Read more

1. Proclaim Christ with joy. 2. Get the day’s Mass readings in your inbox, every day, via the U.S. bishops’ conference. 3. Fr. Robert Barron on the decline of philosophy. 4. Emily Stimpson has a new blog. Michael Novak has one too. 5. Last night I was in Philadelphia with Catholic Voices USA, doing some communications prep work with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the World Meeting of Families. People came from around Philly to find out how they can… Read more

1. On the “heroic moment” of getting out of bed. 2. A tweet in continuity against evil: JP2 called it The Culture of Death. BXVI called it The Dictatorship of Relativism. Francis calls it Throwaway Culture. They're all correct.— Matt Swaim (@mattswaim) January 12, 2015 3. Pope Francis was greeted by 40 elephants in Sri Lanka. #PopeFrancis was greeted by 40 elephants today in Sri Lanka #PopeinSL https://t.co/ScX7nm4M7D— Catholic News Agency (@cnalive) January 13, 2015 4. How to grow in… Read more

1. From Arkansas: When he was around 12 years old, Luis Miguel Pacheco, a frustrated, suffering kid in Mexico, told God he hated him. Just 16 years later, God changed his heart and is working through him to serve the Church. 2.From St. Clement I, from today’s Liturgy of the Hours: Give us grace, Lord, to hope in your Name, to which all creatures owe their being. Open the eyes of our heart to know you alone, the Most High… Read more

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