His Practice Is Love


Speaking of the topic of love. This is what Dr. John Bruchalski, founder of Divine Mercy Care is trying to bring back to medicine. Treating patients with dignity. Listening to him speak to mostly pro-choice medical students last week, I could only think of him as a walking, practicing Evangelium Vitae. His practice is love [Read More...]

‘God’s Love Is More Powerful Than Anything in the World’


The title line comes from a new video from Fr. Robert Barron. His talk is in response to a Newsweek cover story (I suspect you know the one!). This message — that God’s love is more powerful than anything in the world — is the message. The one that our souls live and die by. [Read More...]

Dolan on Politics


More here about that Face the Nation interview. And a media point here. And one more about reporting on Archbishop-Designate William Lori here. [Read more...]

I Just Caught Myself

Telling someone I hope they had a happy Easter. As if it is past tense already. One day down. But 49 official days to go! Not to mention every day of our lives, assuming we live more than 49 days! [Read more...]

A Pregnant Sacrifice

A pregnant Mary Rose Somarriba writes a reflection on Lent, Easter and the “congratulations” she has been getting lately: To overlook the trials is to miss the full picture—indeed the very richness and beauty of that new life. We are myopic if we celebrate the joys of Easter while overlooking the tragedy of Good Friday. [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan Takes to the Sunday Show Pulpit, Preaching the Message of True Freedom


I’m forever uncomfortable with the concept of the Sunday morning political talk shows. As someone both naturally inclined to and professionally obligated to watch such shows, I have always wanted them to be Saturday morning shows. I would watch Firing Line then back in the day and I would happily watch these news chat shows [Read More...]

Easter Monday Morning


There was sunlight this morning sneaking in through the cracks in a curtain as I made coffee. They appeared as if a kiss from a Creator , sending his children off onto another day. Another Monday, another second cup of coffee. This one is different, though. Of course. Of course? We’ve walked the road to [Read More...]

Happy Easter!


Glorious night! Transformative night! Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven, exult, the Angel ministers of God exult, let the trumpet of salvation sound our mighty King’s triumph! Be glad, let earth be glad, as glory floods her, ablaze with light from her eternal King, let all corners of the earth be glad, knowing [Read More...]

True Confessions


From a veteran priest in a Washington Post piece today on Reconciliation: “I’ve been hearing confessions for 36 years, and I haven’t been surprised for 35 years,” he says. Through experience, he has learned that “I have a lot of stress” could mean a man cursed at a stranger or cheated on his wife. It [Read More...]

Venerate the Cross with Your Life


Do you ever have one of those days you wish you could bottle? Yesterday was one of those days for me. But I couldn’t bottle it. And I put in a request but there was no extension. Those requests for 25-hour days and 35-day months just never do seem to get granted. The takeaway message [Read More...]