15 Palm Sunday Things that Caught My Eye today (2015)

1. Pope Francis this morning at Palm Sunday Mass: This is God’s way, the way of humility. It is the way of Jesus; there is no other. And there can be no humility without humiliation.2. 8th Station – Jesus meets the Women of Jerusalem: from St Dominic's Chapel, Providence College htt … [Read More...]


Tweet a Station of the Cross During the #DivineMercy Hour (3 P.M. EST) Today

Today is the last Friday before Good Friday. At three P.M. next week I certainly hope Christians have the opportunity to turn electronics off and go offline, entering into the kind of deep in prayer appropriate to recalling the day Christ died for us.Today, though, as we're out and about -- … [Read More...]


Ten Catholic Things the Caught My Eye Today (March 26, 2015)

1. Pope Francis today: The joy of faith, the joy of the Gospel is the touchstone of the faith of a person. Without joy that person is not a true believer. Let's go home, but before that, we celebrate here with these words of Jesus: “Abraham your father rejoiced to see my day; he saw it and was g … [Read More...]


Seven Catholic Things the Caught My Eye Today (March 24, 2015)

1. From Pope Leo the Great in the Office of Readings today:God’s compassion for us is all the more wonderful because Christ died, not for the righteous or the holy but for the wicked and the sinful, and, though the divine nature could not be touched by the sting of death, he took to himself, t … [Read More...]


Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (March 23, 2015)

1. I found this quite beautiful, from the Adopt-a-Priest website: The Greeks approach Phillip voicing a very deep human need and desire--they want to see Jesus. In essence, they speak for all of us. And Phillip gains this favor for them. Whatever they are expecting, it is unlikely that the … [Read More...]


Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (March 21, 2015)

1. St. Teresa of Avila is in Magnificat for this Sunday: Lazarus did not ask you to raise him up. You did it for a woman sinner; behold one here, my God, and a much greater one; let your mercy shine. I, although, miserable, ask life for those who do not want to ask it of you.2. Like the prophet … [Read More...]


Tweeting #StationsoftheCross with #B16

I'm not sure Cardinal Ratzinger would have ever envisioned this happening ... how I spent some of my #StationsoftheCross time on Twitter Friday:First station. Jesus is condemned to death. #StationsoftheCross @marysshrine— Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) March … [Read More...]


Tweeting #StationsoftheCross During #Lent

I wasn't online the whole time, but it was very neat to see people from around the country and the world tweeting #Stations of the Cross during 4-6 EST on Friday.Look, #GleeFinale still came closer to winning the week on Twitter, but I think it was good for us to be there with … [Read More...]


Tweet #StationsoftheCross 4-6 Today

So a @SrMaryK in Lincoln Nebraska who tweets had the idea that we start tweeting #StationsoftheCross on Fridays in Lent. (I met her when Catholic Voices USA went out there last year.)She’d love to make it trend.I don’t do campaigns, but I think it is a worthy idea. Share a little of parish l … [Read More...]


A Friday Reflection on Division and Weakness

Last night, I was on Relevant Radio for a bit with Fr. Steve Grunow from Word on Fire with host Sheila Liaugminas. We talked largely about St. Joseph and Pope Francis and the upcoming year of mercy. (Some of my thoughts on the latter are included in this Catholic News Agency piece.)I … [Read More...]