Advice on Giving the Gift of Peace this Christmas

From the Imitation of Christ (and today's Liturgy of the Hours):When a man humbles himself for his faults, he more easily pleases others and mollifies those he has angered.God protects and frees a humble man; He loves and consoles a humble man; He favors a humble man; He showers him … [Read More...]


‘It is a beautiful time for religious life in the Church’

Mother Agnes M. Donovan's statement on the final report of the Apostolic Visitation. Mother Agnes founded the Sisters of Life with Cardinal John O'Connor and is chair of the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious:When the Apostolic Visitation of Women’s Religious communities in the U … [Read More...]


The Visitator Is a Woman!

Just a little point. The so-called "Vatican investigation of nuns" had as its facilitator a religious sister. This was not a hostile intervention, but a collaborative process seeking revitalization during challenging times.You can read her prepared statement:I imagine that each of the … [Read More...]

Sharon Holland head shot

U.S. Sister Talks about Freedom, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Joy

The Vatican has released its report on women religious in the United States. More about it here.This morning I was particularly taken with the statement of Sr. Sharon Holland, IHM, from the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, delivered in Rome.Like everyone, like the report … [Read More...]


Did Someone Say ‘Rejoice’?

Today, the third Sunday of Advent, is known as Gaudete Sunday, Latin for “Joy.” This is a day for rejoicing! We light the pink candle on our Advent wreathes to remember who we are: a people of joy.Our hearts and our homes should always be houses of joy.Sister Aemiliana Löhr, a German Bene … [Read More...]


God Makes the Inconceivable Conceivable

Monday we celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. “The fact of the Immaculate Conception introduces a possibility into the world that otherwise would have remained literally ‘inconceivable,’” Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., writes in his beautiful book on the My … [Read More...]


Christ, the New Temple

In the Gospel Sunday, Jesus meets John the Baptist. Fr. Robert Barron of Word on Fire fame writes about it in the monthly Magnificat magazine this month:All four of the Gospels compel us to approach Jesus through the figure of John the Baptist. They seem to imply that John provides an … [Read More...]


St. Nicholas and the Gratuitous Generosity of God

Saturday marks the feast of St. Nicholas. The optional collect for the Mass for the day is an appropriate prayer:We humbly implore your mercy, Lord: protect us in all dangers through the prayers of the Bishop Saint Nicholas, that the way of salvation may lie open before us. Through our Lord … [Read More...]


Are We Facebook Friends with God?

Dominican priest Fr. Ambrose Little reflects on the Gospel reading for this Thursday in a way that might resonate with a lot of us who are on Facebook or other social media:My brother once told me about how he knew his list of friends on Facebook was getting out of control. He noticed a wedding … [Read More...]


Jesus Comes to Strengthen & Renew Creation

Dec. 4 is the feast of St. John Damascene, a Syrian who lived from around 676 until 749. In his writings, this Doctor of the Church explains that a fallen humanity needed God’s tremendous gift of Himself:It was necessary for nature to be strengthened and renewed, and for the path of virtue t … [Read More...]