Ten Catholic Things That Caught My Eye Today (Jan. 30, 2015)

1. Pope Francis: Lukewarm Christians are in grave danger.Or as St. John Fisher puts it in the Liturgy of the Hours today:he did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, an offering and a sacrifice to God in a fragrant odor, that he might redeem us from all our iniquity and cleanse … [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Jan. 29, 2015)

1. Finding freedom in a prison cell. The next best thing to reading something by Joseph Pearce is having him read it out loud.(His Journey Home interview, if you have time.)2. “Being a saint doesn’t mean you were never a sinner.”3. Pope Francis: Don’t privatize faith.4. There is great … [Read More...]

Twelve Things about Saint Thomas Aquinas that Caught My Eye on His Feast Day

1. Stained glass of St Thomas Aquinas from St Vincent Ferrer's, NYC https://t.co/TPMwunq1Xv— Fr Lawrence Lew OP (@LawrenceOP) January 28, 20152. From Pope Benedict XVI in 2010:In short, Thomas Aquinas showed that a natural harmony exists between Christian faith and reason. And … [Read More...]

Five Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Jan. 28, 2015)

1. Pope Francis, in his morning homily, said: we need to pray to have the desire to follow God’s will, pray to know God’s will and once we know this, pray for the strength to go ahead and do His will.2. Pope Francis also talked fatherhood today.3. Humanae Vitae converts. As in: to Cat … [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today

1. Pope Francis today:#PopeFrancis at morning Mass: Pray for grace to want to do God's will, to know God's will & to actually do it.— Catholic News Svc (@CatholicNewsSvc) January 27, 2015#PopeFrancis: People often say "It's not easy" to do God's will. It … [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today (Mon., Jan 26, 2015)

1. It was for the love's sake that God in Christ came into the world and it is for love's sake that the Christ sends his Church into the world.— FrSteveGrunow (@FrSteveGrunow) January 26, 20152. On St. Francis de Sales: He used media (at the time, printed tracts and books) to … [Read More...]


Ten Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Today

1. "The redemption of suffering is an event that transforms the drama of suffering into a drama of love." ~L. Albacete http://t.co/lXwvxPh9Yy— Adopt-a-Priest (@adopt_a_priest) October 19, 20142. From a homily (@FrSteveGrunow) for today: our faith as Christians is not … [Read More...]


It Is Jan. 18 Already?

The monthly Magnificat magazine (subscribe here) includes a reflection from a French Carthusian monk who died in 1945, Dom Augustin Guillerand. If you're back into old habits and want to start again before January's end, with prayer, it might help get us back on track:Life has an inner … [Read More...]

Five Catholic Things that Caught My Eye Saturday (Jan. 17, 2015)

1. Correction? Associated Press misses a key detail in story about canonization of Joseph Vaz of Sri Lanka2. Do you know your temperament?3. My Q&A with Sam Gregg revisiting Pope Benedict’s Regensburg address on faith and reason and Islam.4. Msgr. Charles Pope on the sin of gossip.5. … [Read More...]

Pope Francis and Manila’s Vulnerable Children

From Vatican Radio, a description of Pope Francis's time with Manila "street children" today:Father Lombardi chooses to describe the deep emotion arising from Pope Francis’s unscheduled meeting with street children which he explains, took place in a home for street children run by the ANAK-Tnk … [Read More...]