Can You Tell Me How We Got to the HHS Mandate?

This seems appropriate to quote; it is part of the picture: The content of the spiritual life is defined for Christians by fulfilling obligations of love towards their neighbor — but those obligations do not arise from a doctrine of human rights: they derive from the command of Christ. The difference is crucial: when Christians [Read More...]

Meet Allison, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


On the eighth day of the Fortnight of Freedom, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on an aspect of the president’s health-care law, and religious freedom remained in peril in the United States. Allison Baughman, a young Catholic Voice from Connecticut, talks about her call at this time.     What does the Fortnight mean to [Read More...]

Meet Domenick, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


We’re in Day 7 of the Fortnight of Freedom and here I continue to share some of the young people I’ve been able to spend time with thanks to Catholic Voices USA, a new effort based on a successful British model to better equip lay people to answer the call to be defenders of the [Read More...]

To Be Free

Via Blessed John Paul II: My sons and daughters, you have pointed out at your Congress the sufferings and the contradictions by which a society is seen to be overwhelmed when it moves away from God. The wisdom of Christ makes you capable of pushing on to discover the deepest source of evil existing in [Read More...]

Meet Melissa, a Catholic Voice for Freedom


The Fortnight of Freedom continues during a historic week in the United States, as we all await the Supreme Court’s ruling on the president’s health care law. Whatever happens Thursday, conscience rights remain unprotected in the U.S., and the education and prayers of these 14 days will remain a service to all Americans who value [Read More...]

‘The sacrament of penance was the turning point.’

A revert to Catholicism talks about the power of the sacrament of Confession: I was a young man, and now intensely interested in women and related matters. As high school went on, I began to party more and pray less. My faith dwindled. When I got to college, I threw myself into two things: partying [Read More...]

Have You Done Your Fortnight Reading Today?

Via the USCCB: The religious acts whereby men, in private and in public and out of a sense of personal conviction, direct their lives to God transcend by their very nature the order of terrestrial and temporal affairs. Government, therefore, ought indeed to take account of the religious life of the people and show it [Read More...]

This Is a Fortnight of a Morning!

Maureen and Mike Ferguson dragged their kids out of bed to participate in the historic opening Fortnight for Freedom Friday morning Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. And the youngsters — they get it. Via Catholic New York: Grace [12] recently received a score of 28 out of 30 points for a paper she was assigned [Read More...]