As we Catholics in the United States celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints (either tomorrow or—in some dioceses—today), our pastor preached an excellent homily about the saints. The word “saint,” he noted, is found 62 times in the New Testament. With the exception of the Book of Revelation, most often the term “saint” refers, not to those who have gone before us in the sign of faith and who rest in the arms of Jesus, but to those frail but well-intentioned people who accompany us on our journey … [Read more...]


Time flies.  I’m loathe to launch my new blog—to which I hope thoughtful readers might turn for a smile or a spot of news—with a cliché. Were I in my 20s (or even my early 30s) with a smaller stash of memories and a longer lifeline looming ahead, I might abandon the truism altogether. Fact is, though, time’s a wastin’. I have wanted to write but have put it off for countless reasons: teaching children to read; going to church; working overtime; watching Jeopardy to get pointers so I can win a mil … [Read more...]