O God, who hast established the earth upon firm foundations,

graciously receive the prayers of Thy people:

and, having utterly removed the dangers of the shaken earth,

turn the terrors of Thy divine wrath

into the means of the salvation of mankind;

that they who are of the earth, and unto earth shall return,

may rejoice to find themselves citizens of heaven

by means of a holy life.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • http://www.leblogdelabergerie.com/index.htm Michele

    Beautiful prayer! And prayers are so much needed right now… such a devastating earthquake – and I’m saying this having gone through the 1989 San Francisco one and this one is SO MUCH BIGGER. Plus that tsunami… and now possible nuclear meltdown?
    We were always supposed to pray for each other but the fact that now we get to see photos and videos is a gift, it is an additional clue that we’ve got to pray for Japan right now! The only answer from us is a global prayer for Japan – with of course all the physical, financial and expert help we can offer.
    May this tragedy be a moment to come closer to you, O Lord, for the direct victims, for myself and for us all.