Atheist Teaches Bible Stories With R-Rated Legos!

This is a story that’s just hard to believe:  That an atheist would create obscene pictographs of Lego people in sexual situations, publish them as “Bible stories,” and expect us to like it.

Brendan Powell Smith, the artist/author in question, did just that.  I wrote about some of the scintillating pictures today over at Patheos.

Under “The Law” for example, there are sections on:

 Sexual discharges

  1. Leviticus 15:16 “When a man ejaculates semen . . .” (the scene is of a Lego man masturbating in front of a television set)
  2. Leviticus 15:18 “Whenever a woman has intercourse with a man . . .” (two Lego action figures engaged in sexual relations)
  3. Leviticus 15:19 “Whenever a woman has her menstrual period . . .” (lonely woman sitting in a chair, gazing out the window)
  4. Leviticus 15:24 “If a man goes so far as to have intercourse with her . . .” (Lego couple atop a Lego bed, as fully engaged as a Lego couple can be)

Male genital injury

  1. Deuteronomy 23:1 “A man whose testicles have been crushed . . .” (Poor Lego guy finds himself under the front hoof of a horse)
  2. “. . . or whose penis has been cut off” (A Lego woman leaving the scene with a knife)

Children with a love of potty humor will enjoy the section on Camp Defecation (drawn from Deuteronomy 23:9-14). And I could go on: Transvestism (Dt. 22:5), Proof of Virginity (Dt. 22:13-20), Rape, Female Infidelity, and more.

The section on the Book of Revelation begins with John’s vision on the Island of Patmos—nine illustrations under the disrespectful heading “Future Revealed to Guy on Tiny Mediterranean Island.”

Revelation holds some terrors for children, as well, under titles like:

  1. “Children to Be Killed as Warning”
  2. “God Tortures, Kills Billions”
  3. “God Tortures a Whore”
  4. “Remaining Humans Doomed to Torture”
  5. “Son of Man’s Bloody Gorefest”

And there are sections that would seem to be especially reflective of Smith’s atheist perspective:

  1. “Alternative to God Proves Very Popular” (Rev. 12:17-13:8)
  2. “God’s Garish Eternal Tribute to Himself” (Rev. 21:1-22)

In all, the book—with its skewed perspective on matters of faith and its wry commentary on Old Testament stories—makes a pretty good case against faith. Since that’s not the objective of most parents, I’d suggest looking elsewhere for a good Bible storybook for your children.

For the full story, go check out my column over at Patheos today.

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  • WutDixLibsR

    I had a friend give this to his 8 year old, luckily he took a look at it the same day and took it away. He went back to the book store and got his money back.
    When he told me I was shocked. I’m spreading the word around as much as I can, this is not for children.