An Intimate Dinner with Billy and Betty (On the Side)

I was a high school sophomore when someone told me that in China, aborted fetuses were considered a delicacy.I thought they were lying. I still think they were lying. I had seen a spider consume its prey, the hapless insect rolled in a silken web.  I had seen our cat consume the placenta, after giving birth to a litter of kittens.  But we humans—advanced beings made in the image and likeness of God, and upon whose hearts natural law had been inscribed—do not eat other humans. Oh, I had r … [Read more...]

The Sound of Silence: Be Still, and Know That I Am God

I have this neat trick that I can do.  Sometimes I lie in bed at night and feel my brain.  That is, I experience an idea as a physical entity, leaping from left to right, pounding against my skull from the inside.  An action potential in the central nervous system:  calcium ions firing, neuro-transmitters leaping across synaptic gaps, linking the present day with a far distant memory, giving rise to new, never-before-considered solutions to the day’s problems.This cranial super-awareness is not … [Read more...]

De-Baptism: Is That Even Possible?

Increasing numbers of Europeans are asking to be “de-baptized,” says a report in the Huffington Post, and Church officials are concerned.Say what?  Doesn’t Baptism change you ontologically, leaving an indelible mark on your soul, just as ordination does for the priest?Well, yes.  No matter how hard you scrub, you really can’t wash that mark off. But apparently, people—lots of people!—are trying.  Some estimate the number of “de-baptisms” requested in Europe has reached the tens of th … [Read more...]