I'm B-a-a-c-k! And I Have News….

What an incredibly busy week it’s been!

First, a great honor:  I was invited to be one of three guest-bloggers for The Anchoress this week, as Elizabeth Scalia tried to accomplish some other projects.  What an intimidating venture, posting my thoughts on that highly-read page, where readers have come to expect such logic, intelligence and grace!  I want to thank Elizabeth Scalia for entrusting me with this powerful platform, giving me the keys and letting me drive for a few days.

Add to that:  Youngest son Jerry came home from New York.  He got sick at the holidays and was unable to travel—so this was our Christmas week with him.  I took some days off work and we have really tried to spend some quality time together!

And my husband’s minor surgeries were successful and he’s coming along just fine; but his activity is still restricted, so  for now, I am the driver and the trash can manager and the snow shoveler and the grocery bag unloader….  I am blessed to be married to a guy who rolls up his sleeves and does whatever needs to be done—but lest I forget, this brief interlude has helped to remind me just how much he really does around the house to make my life easier!

So now here I am, back in the saddle at Seasons of Grace.  If you missed any of my posts over at The Anchoress, you can catch up here.  And here and here.  There’s some more stuff, but you can find it if you look hard, and if you never see it, you can live with that, too!

My news?  Soon—sometime later this month—my blog will be migrating over to the Catholic Portal at Patheos.  There I’ll be in the company of some really influential writers in the Catholic world.  And the Patheos site has grown (and is still growing) so that I can expect to reach a much wider audience.  It is a great opportunity, and one that I don’t take lightly.

The one down side to the anticipated move is that I’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with my son Jeff, chief architect of the Seasons of Grace website, and his business partner Teresa McLain.  Maybe I won’t let the old site go, but will continue to use it in some way?  I’m not sure yet—but let me offer my thanks now for all the times Jeff and Teresa have bailed me out as I learned to load a video or a link, or change a poem to single-space, or organize photos in a logical, consistent way.  Thanks, you two!

Anyway, for now here I am.  My files of Stuff I Really Should Talk About are bulging!  Watch this space.


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