LIFE: Flashing, Pulsating, Captivating Life

You may not know his name, but I’ll bet his scientific visualizations—explosions of color and vivid images of the human body—have captivated you, flashing from the covers of magazines such as TIME and LIFE.

*     *     *     *

Alexander Tsiaras, founder of Anatomical Travelogue and, is an associate professor of medicine and chief of scientific visualization at Yale University School of Medicine.  He is an internationally renowned journalist, author of six books, and speaker.  An artist and technologist, Tsiaras participated in developing scientific visualization software, which enabled him to “paint” the human body using volume data.

He has received numerous awards, including the World Press Award and several Art Directors Awards.  He has been a guest on television shows including NBC’s TODAY, MSNBC News, Oprah, The Charlie Rose Show, Good Morning America and the BBC.

Most recently, Tsiaras is the author of From Conception to Birth: a Life Unfolds.  Offering a clear window to the womb, From Conception to Birth is a slide show into the development of the human person, minute by miraculous minute.  This video is from a TED Talk ( he gave in India in December 2010.  Tsiaras’ presentation is excellent, but the mind-blowing photographic journey from insemination to delivery runs only 3 ½ minutes, from 02:00 to 05:50.

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