In Michigan, Feminists Squawk at Proposed Tax Break for Fetuses

Michigan lawmakers are considering a tax break for expectant parents—but the National Organization of Women objects.

On Tuesday, November 20, Michigan state legislators held a hearing on House Bills 5684 and 5685.  The bills, if passed, would “allow taxpayers to claim a dependency exemption for a fetus that has completed at least 12 weeks of gestation as of the last day of the tax year, and that has been under the care and observation of a physician since at least 12 weeks of gestation.” 

State Representative Jud Gilbert (R-Algonac), co-sponsor of the bill with Rep. Lisa Posthumus (R-Alto), cites the additional costs accrued by a pregnant woman, and notes that the extra dollars in the pregnant woman’s pocket could be used for “doctor’s visits and all kinds of things.”   

According to Gilbert, the measure simply extends what is already in place to grant Michigan parents up to $160 in savings.

But reducing taxes to help new parents to purchase medical care, cribs, diapers and onesies outrages the feminists. 

Mary Pollock, legislative vice president of NOW’s Michigan chapter, complained,

“In our view these bills are an attempt to give some legal recognition to the unborn in tax law, which would then be used as a reason to give legal recognition to the unborn in other contexts such as in criminal law or in health law.”

She views this initiative as a back-door attempt to try to ban or limit abortions in the future, by giving legal recognition to the unborn in tax law.

Militant pro-abortion feminist Erin Gloria Ryan, who has described herself as “Jezebel’s resident juvenile abortion sophist”, shrieked at the thought of helping a young family along in this way.

The “we care about women” charade from the GOP is starting to get embarrassing. Like they’re Wile E. Coyote, ordering stupid crap legislation from Acme or Americans United for Life, and abortion rights are the Roadrunner, meep meeping along as the Coyote accidentally blows himself up dozens of times with Personhood bombs that backfire.

And then there’s feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte, whose work has been described in Time magazine as “wonkish” and “provocative and profanity-laced.”  Misunderstanding the recent changes in Michigan’s tax law to eliminate the state-sponsored Earned Income Tax Credit (but not the larger federal tax credit ), Marcotte defended her right not to help the childbearing woman in a screed on

“This bill really demonstrates the exciting new extremist direction of anti-choice nuttery….  Clearly, the only solution here is for women to simply stay pregnant.  But medical science tells us that, barring some futuristic cryogenic fetus-preserving technology, those pesky and unruly female bodies tend to complete the incubation stage at a predictable pace, turning adorable, tax-exempt fetuses into stupid old money-sucking babies with the never-ending health care and nutrition needs.”


Representative Gilbert disagreed that the bill seeks to get a foot in the door to limiting abortions.  Gilbert notes that we’ve already done that in criminal issues:  If you harm a pregnant woman and the fetus is also harmed, you have two counts against you.  One Michigan law, for example, calls for punishment in cases when a “person intended to cause a miscarriage or stillbirth by that individual or death or great bodily harm to the embryo or fetus.”  Another existing law imposes penalties in cases where a reckless driver causes a traffic accident involving a pregnant woman and the accident results in a miscarriage.”

The bill had been expected to advance to the House Tax Policy Committee on Monday, but has been pulled from the agenda after several lawmakers said that they were not yet ready to vote on the legislation.  If it does obtain approval from the Committee and if the Legislature passes it into law, Michigan will apparently become the first state to recognize the unborn in its tax codes.

UPDATE:  Oh, and with regard to the feared “increased tax liability” for Michigan families:  Republicans have been rushing to implement reductions which would replace the tax benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit.  The Legislature has already approved a measure which reduces the state tax rate from 4.35 percent to 4.25 percent, allowing it to take effect October 1.  A second bill, which has been approved by the Michigan House but not yet in the Senate, would lower the tax rate to 3.9 percent by 2018.

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  • Joan

    You are an embarrassment to women, Kathy Schiffer.

    • Kathy Schiffer

      How so, Joan? For wanting to protect small women?

    • KMT

      Wow, Joan. What a deeply unhappy human being you must be. Kathy, I will join you in being an embarrassment as well. Joan, who do you want taking care of your loved ones? Someone who values life, or someone who thinks certain life forms are expendable? If you are lucky, one day you will be old; if you are unlucky, you will also be alone and unloved. Who do you want taking care of you then? Someone who thinks you deserve a good life, no matter what your age or condition, or someone who thinks you should die, and decrease the surplus population? What has made you so horrible, seriously?

  • Ann Margaret Lewis

    That’s okay, Kathy, I’ll be an embarrassment with you. I’d rather be that than someone who hates to help pregnant women who *gasp – shock and horror* actually want to keep their children.

    • Monimonika

      The following is copied from someone else’s comment in another thread (this means it’s not my own words! I wish they were…):

      Kay wrote:
      “Women who get pregnant after the 12 week window has closed (ie, after early-mid October) will obviously give birth sometime in the first 9 months of the following year, and will therefore not be pregnant once the end of the year comes again. What happens to the tax credit for these women? Are they SOL? The rule of “at least 12 weeks pregnant at the end of the year” cuts out almost half of all pregnancies from being eligible for the tax credit.”
      [END QUOTE]

      And, as has not been noted here, the tax credit for already born children for poor families was CUT last year in Michigan. So a lot of mothers will miss out on this tax credit based solely on timing ON TOP OF having to struggle MORE to feed & clothe their children that are outside the womb. Oh, but kids that are outside the womb are bigger and tougher than fetuses, so why waste taxpayer money on them?

      • Katie

        First in response to the other persons quote, yes anyone who concieved after the month of september is not eligible for the tax credit. Now as for more than half of pregnant women being “SOL” not really true. If you were to have gotten pregnant from April 2012 until September 2012 this would put you at the 12 week or more mark. I am assuming the reason they are putting a ration or making the whole 12 week rule is due to the fact that statistically women are more likely to have a miscarraige within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy if complications arise. This is not to say that it cannot happen later, but the first 12 weeks are the most important to be careful. So if you were pregnant from January 2012 to March 2012, this means you would actually have your child in the 2012 tax year and be eligible for the dependant tax credit. So by saying more than 1/2 is “SOL” I believe that it’s BS. So for 3 months out of 12 that would be what 1/4 correct? So 1/4 is out of luck. I do believe that people who have children already and they are not “fetuses” should be eligible, but I do know that they are. But coming from a pregnant woman right now I can tell you that even with insurance the costs are outrageous. Just for my doctor to even see me to tell me what I had already known was $260.00. Then for every ultrasound that I have to get it is $200.00. Everytime i go to the doctors which is every 4 weeks I have to pay towards the final costs, and everytime I have to get bloodwork it costs money. Your initial bloodwork and then if you have any issues, in my case I had to be tested for gestational diabetes twice. I am now ending my 14th week of pregnancy so I know there will be many more costs to incur. I work 3 jobs and my husband works about 60 hours a week and we have Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance. So for those of you saying that this is some scheme for the government to have rights to make women keep their pregnancy and not giving them their rights… you all are crazy. This is an attempt to help people in need and I for one would like to see this go through and help me, I am sick of paying into everything and never getting any support I need. I work, I pay taxes, and for those of you thinking oh well when I had kids I did it without support, please look back and remember what the job market was like. What the prices were on groceries. What the price of gas was. The price on diapers, formula, clothing etc;

  • Shannon

    Yes, it’s so much less embarrassing to think it’s ok to take the life of your unborn child. I stand with you, Kathy! A proud embarrassment!!!

  • Gerard Nadal

    Gee, Joan….

    Kathy writes an erudite article, whatever one’s position on the topic, and that’s the best you can muster? You demonstrate less of an economy with words in your reply than you do a petulant grunt. The great embarrassment to women are the shrill replies quoted by Kathy. How sad that women who hate their nature, hate their bodies and what they are designed to do should be held up in the media as exemplars of scholarly commentary.

    Perhaps one day you and your sisters might construct a tent big enough to accommodate ALL women, even those who have exercised in a different direction their right to choose.

    Why are you so afraid?

  • DeaconJR

    Fear not, Kathy! It is usually the *truth* that is the “embarrassment” to those who deny the truth. The “scandalon” of the Gospel continues in your good work! God bless, Deacon JR

  • Tom Pringle

    Funny…Joan made an unsubstantiated claim about Kathy being an embarrassment to women. I think Kathy is a fantastic example of what a Catholic woman should be. She lives her faith, incorporating into every aspect of her life; she truly is a witness to the love of Christ Jesus.

  • Trey

    Abortion is a mockery of human love and life and freedom.