Again, Ambulance Called to Detroit-Area Abortion Clinic

Uh-oh.  Has Dr. Reginald Sharpe injured another abortion-minded woman? 

On Saturday, March 23, an ambulance was called to the Summit Abortion Clinic in Detroit and transported a woman who had, according to reports, been scheduled for a second-trimester abortion.  The pro-life action group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society posted a video of the ambulance leaving the clinic.

I don’t know whether the woman who left the clinic in the back of an ambulance had, in fact, been Sharpe’s patient—but I know he was there at the time of the incident, having been recently hired after closing his own abortion clinic in Livonia.

Just a few weeks ago, I talked with Detroit-area pro-life activist Lynn Mills about the controversial abortionist whose Women’s Advisory Center abortion clinic in Livonia, Michigan, had closed on March 2, leaving the Detroit suburb without an operating abortion clinic for the first time in 30 years.  Lynn reported that calls to the clinic went directly to an answering machine and patients were referred to other clinics in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Lynn Mills stands in front of the now-closed Women’s Advisory Clinic in Livonia

Lynn was understandably excited:  Since we first met back in the late ‘80s—no, before that, I’m sure—she’d been on the front lines of the abortion wars, picketing and praying, taking photos, researching court documents, counseling pregnant women….  It’s a thankless job, the down-and-dirty pro-life ministry, and Lynn has been unrelenting.  Finally, she’d seen the victory in her own hometown.

Reginald Sharpe is well known to pro-lifers in the area.  For years, he’s been the subject of legal action:

  • In 2005, his license was suspended when he performed a late-term abortion on a woman whose pregnancy had advanced beyond the 24 weeks allowable under Michigan law.
  • In 2008, Sharpe’s clinic dumped the “products of conception” (aka remains of aborted fetuses) into  a trash dumpster behind his clinic, along with bio-medical waste and confidential medical records.  The fetuses were recovered by pro-lifers and given a proper burial; Sharpe was not, as I recall, charged for improper disposition of the bodies, since the developing fetuses were not considered legal “persons”; but he was cited for failure to protect the confidentiality of his patients.
  • In that same year, 2008, a woman died from complications after Sharpe performed an abortion in his Detroit facility.  A legal complaint filed by the deceased woman’s family alleged that Sharpe perforated her uterus, cut a uterine blood vessel, and lacerated her intestines and liver.  The pending lawsuit, and all other lawsuits against Sharpe, were dismissed after the abortionist filed for bankruptcy in October 2012.
  • In 2011, a patient was forced to undergo a full hysterectomy, following a botched abortion performed by Sharpe.
  • Also in 2011, Sharpe—who was moonlighting at Northland Family Planning in Westland, Michigan—misdiagnosed an ectopic pregnancy.

So now again, Reginald Sharpe was apparently present as a woman was taken through the back door of an abortuary to a waiting ambulance.  Watch for updates:  The websites of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Jill Stanek can help you to keep your fingers on the pulse in the ongoing saga of the scandalous (dare I say, murderous) abortion profession.