CAPTION CONTEST: Pope Francis Loses His Hat

I’ve seen this photo popping up around the blogosphere today:  Pope Francis’ zucchetto being swept away by a Roman windburst.  It’s pretty funny—Wouldn’t you like to title it?

POST YOUR CAPTION IDEAS in the Comments section, and I’ll announce the winner on Facebook.

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Also in the blogosphere, news of the U.S.-based Papal Foundation’s visit to Rome this week.   About 120 members of the charitable group which supports the Pope’s charitable efforts around the world were received by Pope Francis in the Clementine Hall, the Sala Clementina.

Pope Francis again demonstrates his warmth and his willingness to break from tradition.  The American couple (Is this Papal Foundation COO Bill Canty and his wife?) invite the Holy Father to try on their gift of a new zucchetto.  “No, no, he can’t,” explains Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington; but in a gesture of appreciation, Pope Francis grabs the new hat, plops it on his head, and gives the older zucchetto to the couple.

I can’t help but wonder whether the zucchetto presented by this American couple is the same one that’s seen airborne in the above photo.

You’re probably googly-eyed about the dramatic backdrop in this video:  The Clementine Hall, located in the Apostolic Palace, dates back to the 16th century when Pope Clement VIII wanted to honor his predecessor Clement I, the third successor of St. Peter.  The Renaissance frescos which adorn the walls and ceiling tell of Clement’s life.  Over the door is “The Martyrdom of St. Clement” by the Dutch painter Paul Bril.  On the opposite wall is “The Baptism of St. Clement” by Italian painters Cherubino Alberti and Baldassare Croce.  The ceiling fresco is “The Apotheosis of St. Clement” by Giovanni Alberti; and friezes on the side walls depict allegories of the cardinal virtues and the theological virtues by Alberti and Croce.

  • Pamela Luther

    Pro Abortion Catholics take communion? I flipped my lid!

    • Nellie Edwards

      hehehe…I’ not sure someone with the name of Luther should get to play this game! (just kidding Pam!)

  • Nellie Edwards

    And to ‘cap it all off’ ….The Holy Spirit removed the Pope’s cap to fill it with even more wisdom…so as to be readily accessible!

  • Sara Piazza

    Darn! I could swear I put that thing on this morning.

  • Johanne Newell

    This just in: Pope Francis first ever to be photographed with halo!

  • Mariana

    Actually, it is not a break from tradition. It’s a tradition since the pontificate of our Blessed Pope John Paul II. People who want to collect the pope’s zucchetto, buy a new one at a papal tailor at Rome, and then ask for help from anybody closest to the pope (usually his secretary) to switch with the old one. This happened usually at a general audience or a private one. You can see a lot of pictures of Mons. Georg Ganswein switched Pope Benedict XVI’s zucchetto during a general audience.

  • Maria

    Fox Mulder finally takes down his “I want to believe” poster, replacing it with the new “I believe. “

  • Patricia

    “Looks like the Holy Spirit is playing more games at the Vatican”!

  • Margaret Rose Realy

    OMG, they’re red!

  • Vicki Alward

    New version of “Gone With the Wind” staring Pope Francis

  • Ann Margaret Lewis

    “Now a man could, if he felt rightly in the matter, run after his hat with the manliest ardour and the most sacred joy.”
    –G.K. Chesterton

    • Margaret Rose Realy

      Oh, I like this one best!

  • Jess

    Whoops! The Holy Spirit is hyperactive today!