“Miracle Baby” Born After Failed Abortion Attempt

She is beautiful—and her parents adore her.  But she almost didn’t get a chance at life.  Her young mother, suffering from a medical condition, had been advised to have an abortion.

Twenty-two year-old Ariel Knights believed that her life would be in danger if she continued her pregnancy; and she had a fiance and a toddler to consider.  So it was that in March 2012, Ariel scheduled an abortion through the Akron Women’s Medical Group.  The Daily Mail tells the story of her visit to the Ohio clinic:

‘It was a decision I made because my life was in danger,’ [Knights] said. ‘I was put in jeopardy.’

On the morning of her appointment, in March 2012, Knights said women were being herded into the clinic’s waiting room like cattle.

‘Every seat was full. People were standing,’ Knights told the Beacon Journal. ‘It was pretty much like a slaughterhouse; it was like OK, next, next.’

She described how, when her name was called, she walked into a cramped room, hopped onto a table and, as instructed, positioned her lower body over a trash bag. When the doctor was finished, and she was still woozy from the sedation, Knights was handed her belongings and shown the door.

‘(The doctor) said, “All right, everything’s good and clear, everything went well,”‘ she recalled, thinking that was it.

Something went wrong, though.  In his haste to move along the patients, the doctor failed to complete the abortion.  Sensing that something was wrong, Knights went to the emergency room.  There, doctors determined through a pelvic ultrasound that she was still pregnant.

Knights and her fiancé are happy to have their little bundle of joy.  Nonetheless, she is suing the Akron abortion clinic for her pain and suffering, and hopes to win at least $25,000.

Read the rest of her story here.

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