You Want to Be My “Friend”? Then Tell Me Who You Are!!

OK, this is just a puzzle to me. 

WHY IN THE WORLD would someone join Facebook, then disguise or hide his or her face?

WHY would this elusive entity replace his/her profile pic with a bouquet of flowers, or a rock star, or some saint or public figure of olde, or a photo of his dog?

AND WHY would this enigmatic soul mate adopt a fake name like “Padre Pio” or “Lovely Sun” or “IGotRabies” or “CookiesnCream”?

AND WHY would this cryptic compatriot then send me a friend request?

AND WHY would this cabalistic confrere expect me to accept?  What, do I look like I was born yesterday?

*     *     *     *

A helpful hint:  If you’d like me to take you seriously, please show yourself in all your beauty and grace.

Thank you.


  • Laura K

    My desire to be Facebook friends with people I know doesn’t overcome my camera-shyness. And I don’t “friend” people who don’t already know well what I look like. I have 84 friends, chosen carefully.

    I’d rather see some sort of generic emoticon or pretty scenery than someone’s cleavage or duck-face, hand-on-hip “sexy” pose. Not that those are the only two options, but really, a picture of Jesus on the cross, my profile pic from all of Lent, was not meant to be cryptic. Even so, I don’t want my photo to sit with my name on search engines.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    I never post pictures of me. In fact, the only reason there are any at all (and I think there’s only maybe 3) is because someone tagged me. lol.