New European Initiative Insists: The Human Embryo Is “ONE OF US”

A million signatures.

That’s the ambitious goal of the non-denominational European campaign “One of Us”.  Organizers of the grassroots initiative hope to persuade the European Union to debate and then vote on whether to protect the human embryo from unregulated scientific experimentation.

The “One of Us” campaign began in May 2012, and will continue until November 1.  By that time, organizers hope to collect the required one million signatures from at least seven of the 27 member states in the European Union.

“One of Us” is an ECI, a European Citizens’ Initiative—a type of organization which fosters citizen participation in governmental affairs.  The ECI allows citizens to influence the European Commission, lobbying for legislation on matters which normally fall under the purview of the EU.

The goal of “One of Us” is to persuade the EU to cease funding for activities that involve the destruction of human embryos—particularly in research, development aid, and public health.  In order to protect human embryos from exploitation, the European Union would need to revise its financial regulations to restrict spending on embryo research and use.

Pope Francis ended his Regina Coeli address on Sunday by joining participants in Italy’s March For Life, riding in the popemobile along Rome’s Via della Conciliazione.  The pontiff, speaking to the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square, encouraged them to sign the “One of Us” petition which is currently being distributed in Catholic parishes in Italy.

Learn more about the goals of “One of Us”—or sign the petition—by visiting the organization’s website.


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  • I’m sorry I couldn’t concentrate on reading you blog post as I was so focused on the picture. Is that a genuine picture of a feotus? I had an abortion when I was younger; too stupid and scared to even look what I was about to do. I take full responsibility for it though and believe I’m forgiven by God.
    It was in the very early 90s so we didn’t have the images we have now. I remember going to a family planning clinic and, although scared, not completely unhappy with it. A female doctor basically lectured me that I would be alone and it would be horrific. I was in shock at the time and so it wasn’t until I looked back as a real adult that I realized just how she had pushed her agenda.
    Looking at that image I’m so angry. Like us said I take responsibility, but I didn’t know it looked like that. I’ve since seen pictures from within the womb, but still in the photograph it looks so perfect!
    She knew as a doctor surely? How could she deny that was life? How can any of these people deny the humanity?