Catholic Checkers! I Just Love This!


…just charmed my socks off. 

Poking around on the web, I stumbled upon this checker set.  Monica, a self-described wife, mom of 5+ kids, designer, architecture school survivor, author and crafter—runs the Arma Dei blog and develops creative teaching tools like this for her family.

The “checkers” are custom-painted peg dolls, designed to look like the folks in Monica’s family and their favorite patron saints.  Monica suggests two ways to play:

  • Mixed teams of family members and saints (with teams chosen by draft, taking turns to select family members and saints for each team), or
  • Family Vs. Saints.  (Who will win—the family, or those holy men and women who have gone before us?)

Children and saints whose markers reach the final squares on the opponent’s side become “Kings” who can move back and forth on the board.  Monica fashions little gold halos out of pipe cleaners which can be placed on the heads of the peg dolls who become “Kings.”

Check out her other great ideas for equipping Catholic families at the Arma Dei blog.

  • Monica

    Wow! Thanks for featuring my Catholic Checkers post!

    • Kathy Schiffer

      I’m glad you saw it, Monica! I had tried to find your email address to let you know.

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  • Darren O.

    Uhh, do you mean checkers or chess? ’cause in every game of checkers I’ve played only the one color of squares of the two available is used. Looks like a chess set to me.

    • Kathy Schiffer

      Well, I’m not the creator of this game, Darren– but Monica calls it “checkers” and they hop one another and get “Kinged” at the end.

      I wondered how it would work, if you had mixed groups: family members and saints on the same team. How would you remember which way they’re going?

      Maybe Monica will pop in here and answer that question for us!