Vatican Releases Free eBook with Benedict XVI’s Messages – New Links

Great news this morning from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications!

The Pontifical Council has just published an eBook entitled Benedict XVI: World Communications Day Messages.  The free eBook contains the eight messages released during Pope Benedict’s pontificate.  This first digital release is intended as a test of audience interest; if readers take advantage of the digital format, additional titles will be released in the future.

According to the Pontifical Council:

The offer of this eBook is a new and innovative way to bring the teachings of the Pope to the new spaces created in the digital world where “believers show their authenticity by sharing the profound source of their hope and joy: faith in the merciful and loving God revealed in Christ Jesus“.

An “ePub Version” can be downloaded directly to Apple and Android devices. For the “Kindle Version“, it is necessary to download it to your computer first and then add it to your library.

The PCCS cautions that before downloading the free files, you should be sure you have an eBook reader application, (such as iBook, EBook reader, or Calibre) on your device.

 UPDATE:  Readers have told me that the above links are not working.  Let’s try these:

Click here for: ePub Version for eBooks

Click here for: Kindle Version


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  • The link isn’t working.

  • moseynon

    The new link for ePub does work. I don’t have a Kindle, or similar device, so can’t verify the second link.

  • SusanL

    I couldn’t get the second link to work for the Kindle.