Happy Birthday, Pope Francis! Take Time to Sign His Card…

Kudos to the group Catholic to the Max, which came up with this idea:

For Pope Francis’ 77th birthday, which is coming up on December 17, the Steubenville-based group is shipping a giant birthday card to Rome.  The card was recently at the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in Indianapolis, where it was signed by thousands of Catholic young people.  From there it was returned to Steubenville, where it’s been made available for additional signings at various locations and events.

But here’s the thing:  YOU can sign the card (digitally), too, and send a gift to the Holy Father.  Gifts suggested at the website include specific things like “I prayed a Rosary for you” or “I offered my communion”….  The deadline for digital signatures is December 9; on that day, all the digital signatures will be printed out and attached to the card.

The cover of the card features a large-scale image of Mary, Untier of Knots, a Marian devotion which holds special importance for Pope Francis.

To extend your personal well-wishes on this special day, visit the website at http://www.popefrancisbirthdaycard.com.

  • Christie Gregor

    Indeed technology truly works to one’s advantage if properly employed for good purposes. God bless the Pope’s works.

    Sole Gage