A Donkey, a Camel and a Sheep: Show and Tell at the Nation’s Capitol

A shepherd and a burro pass the U.S. Capitol in the 2011 Living Nativity

Faith and Action, a Christian outreach to top elected and appointed officials in Washington, DC, will stage its annual Live Nativity on Capitol Hill, with stops in front of the Supreme Court and US Capitol buildings, tomorrow morning, Tuesday, December 3, at 10:00 AM to approximately 11:00 AM.According to Faith in Action: The procession of costumed actors and live animals, including a camel, donkey, and sheep, will begin at the Faith and Action ministry center, located immediately behind … [Read more...]

What Serge the Car Hauler Should Have Done With the Money

It's snowing money at the Mall of America

 On Black Friday, as a choral group sang “Let It Snow”, a Minnesota man threw $1,000 over the fourth floor railing at the Mall of America.  Serge Vorobyov, a 29-year-old from Apple Valley, was trying to do something positive and spread a little holiday cheer. It had been a difficult year for him:  He was going through a divorce, and he’d lost his car-hauling business.  His estranged wife had taken their cat, and had spurned his invitation to attend the dollar-throwing display. … [Read more...]