Philadelphia Appeals Court Overturns Conviction of Msgr. William Lynn in Abuse Case

Msgr Lynn

“I did not intend any harm to come to him. The fact is, my best was not good enough to stop that harm. I am a parish priest. I should have stayed (one).”--Monsignor William J. Lynn, speaking at his sentencingabout a victim of clergy abuseIn his role as vicar for clergy under the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, Monsignor Lynn was responsible for handling clergy abuse cases.  When an accusation was made that Father Avery had abused an altar boy, Monsignor Lynn recommended that the p … [Read more...]

Esquire’s Best-Dressed Man of 2013: POPE FRANCIS!?

Pope Francis - Esquire

They say white is in this year! At least it’s easy to surmise that, since Esquire magazine has just named Pope Francis their “Best-Dressed Man” for 2013.According to Max Berlinger writing for the magazine, Pope Francis's sartorial decisions have subtly signaled a new era (and for many, renewed hope) for the Catholic Church. The magazine seems to focus on insignificant externals—but then, it’s Esquire!  What did you expect?  Berlinger quotes Mark-Evan Blackman, assistant professor of men … [Read more...]

St. Stephen, First Deacon and First Martyr

St. Stephen w church

In art, St. Stephen is often depicted with three stones and a martyr's palm.  In Eastern Christian iconography, he is shown as a young, beardless man with a tonsure, wearing a deacon's alb and stole, and holding a miniature church building or a censer, a vessel for burning incense.The first martyr and the first deacon, Stephen's story is told in Chapters 6 and 7 of the Acts of the Apostles.  He was a deacon in the early church; and he was a persuasive preacher who led many to Christ.  The Sa … [Read more...]