Exhausted Boyfriend Kills Himself Rather Than Going Into Another Shoe Store

Emergency crew removes the body of mall suicide victim

He said:  You have more shoes than you could wear in a lifetime.  It’s pointless buying any more.She said:  You’re a skinflint.  You’re spoiling Christmas.And with that, 38-year-old Tao Hsiao rallied his strength one more time—tossing his heavy packages to the floor, hoisting himself over the railing, and jumping seven stories to his death.     *     *     *     *     *You may have seen reports of the story, which took place earlier in December in an east China shopping mall. … [Read more...]

“Be Submissive?” Spanish Feminists Must Really Hate Today’s Second Scripture Reading

Protesters rip copies of "Get Married and Be Submissive"

Get Married and Be Submissive.  That’s the advice coming from a best-selling new book by Italian author Costanza Miriano.And while the book—which was published in Spain with the support of Francisco Javier Martinez, the Catholic Archbishop of the Spanish city of Granada—has hit the top of the Amazon charts, the just-released Spanish-language edition Cásate y se sumisa has provoked Spanish feminists.  Protesters have taken to the streets, ripping copies of the book to shreds, claiming it promo … [Read more...]

The Holy Innocents, St. Augustine, and the Coventry Carol

Holy Innocents by Giotto

Today, during this octave of Christmas, the Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Innocents—the male children of the village of Bethlehem who were brutally murdered by the wicked king Herod in his quest to eliminate the Christ Child.I offer you three reflections on these innocent children:First, the Scriptural account of the massacre, as recounted in the Gospel of Matthew; Second, a homily by St. Augustine, who remembered the young martyrs and spoke of  heaven’s blessings streaming … [Read more...]