DO NOT Support Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate

DO NOT Support Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate June 14, 2015

220 miracles?

Let’s get right to the point:  The nonprofit organization called Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate has been denounced by the Catholic Diocese of Trenton. The Superior General of the Capuchin Franciscan Order in Rome has said that its founder “Father David,” a “miracle working priest with stigmata wounds,” does not even existThis organization has no official connection with the Roman Catholic Church, nor has it ever received any official approval or recognition by the Holy See. Legal charges against the organization are pending.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

Do not send them $65 for a beautiful 5×7 inch photo in an ornate gold leaf frame with free shipping.

Do not buy a gold leaf Mary Mediatrix of All God’s Graces prayer card or a “traveling miraculous icon.”

Do not send money to help build a chapel to hold Padre Pio’s “miraculous gloves.”

Do not send $1,000 for the Seventh Celestial Choir of Angels.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

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For some reason, I keep seeing messages about Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate showing up in my newsfeed. Devout supporters, inspired by the message of the nine choirs of angels and the supposed miracles from the supposed priest, want to spread the word about this imagined grace which they believe has been bestowed upon those who give.

As far back as 2012, I found a “Ripoff Report” alleging that the husband/wife team of Francis Slinsky were using God’s name to take people’s money.

And in March 2015, the Diocese of Trenton issued a warning against the organization. I’m including that warning here in its entirety.

Bishop David M. O’Connell, bishop of Trenton, has stated that “The Diocese of Trenton does not approve, recognize Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate.”  Here, from the Diocesan website, is his statement dated March 20, 2015:

It has been brought to the attention of the Diocese of Trenton that an organization called “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” is operating in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Brick Township, within the Diocese of Trenton.

This organization advertises “miracles” attributed to an alleged Capuchin Franciscan “Fr. David” and is soliciting money. This “Franciscan” claims to have the stigmata or wounds of Christ. This organization claims visions of and allocutions from the Blessed Mother Mary under various titles by its members. It also claims some connection to St. Padre Pio.

The Superior of the Capuchin Franciscan Order in Rome has been contacted and has responded that no such stigmatist with the name “Fr. David” exists in his order. This organization has no official connection with the Roman Catholic Church nor has it ever received any official approval or recognition by the Holy See.

The Diocese of Trenton only recently learned of its existence and operation and has never given its approval or recognition to “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate.” It has no relationship to or association with the Diocese of Trenton.

Because it uses Roman Catholic vocabulary, images and elements of doctrine, “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” has caused confusion among some devout and well-intentioned members of the faithful. The Diocese of Trenton has received complaints of fraudulent activity and wishes to notify Roman Catholics that “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” is not an officially approved or recognized Roman Catholic organization. The complaints have been submitted to law enforcement officials in Ocean County.

Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M. 
Bishop of Trenton

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  • donjohn9


    • Theresa B.

      I ordered an expensive Rosary from them. It took three months to get it. Every time I called they had an excuse, that it takes time to make it. Finally after many requests for the refund of my money they sent me the 300 dollar rosary, with refund of 100 dollars. I knew in my heart, that they were not honest. Thank you for revealing the truth. I am still getting daily emails from them, which I will ignore.

  • Jess Espinosa

    Not to be mistaken for Mary’s Meals.

  • marti mac

    The Icon that they are pedaling is absolutely real. I’m sad they are selling them because the rightful owner of the Icon is Josyp Terelya who is now passed away. He painted the Icon and it traveled around the world. The original is signed by all the Patriarchs and Pope John Paul II and many Bishops and Cardinals. Our Lady did tell him it was a miraculous Icon and at the time of its painting he had a lot of trouble painting her eyes. He was frustrated because her eyes were not beautiful like they were when he saw her. She purportedly told him to go to Rome and look at the Icon that St. Luke had painted and study her eyes. That that was her true eyes that St. Luke had painted. He did it and came back and finished the Icon. Its a shame to scandalize this wonderful Icon. I am truly sad this company is a scam. Shame on them!!

  • marti mac

    Josyp Terelya was a Ukrainian Catholic who was imprisoned for his Catholic faith for 22 years in the Russian Gulags. His story is miraculous and a testimony to God’s grace. The book Witness by Josyp Terelya with Michael Brown was written about his life as well as IN THE KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT which is a fantastic continuation of events to come and apparitions that happened to him and his travels with Bishop Roman Danylak, his spiritual Father and friend.