Pope Paul VI May Be Beatified Soon, After Healing of Child In Utero

Pope Paul VI, author of the 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life), will likely be beatified in the next few months, according to a report by Italian journalist Andrea Tornielli.

Writing in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Tornielli reports that the Medical Commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints has declared that the former pope’s healing of an unborn child is “unexplainable.” Patrizio Polisca, Benedict XVI and Francis’ personal doctor, is chair of the Medical Commission.

The alleged miracle will now be studied by theologians and cardinals, before the case is forwarded to the Holy Father for approval.

The case involved a pregnant woman in California in the early ‘90s.  Doctors advised the mother to abort, after they found an abnormality in the developing fetus which normally results in brain damage.  The woman refused and continued the pregnancy, praying for the intercession of Pope Paul VI.

When the child was born, the medical team was surprised to find no evidence of defects.  However, only after the child reached puberty could doctors assert with absolute confidence that he had made a full recovery.  Finally last year, Father Antonio Marrazzo, C.Ss.R., postulator for the cause of canonization for Paul VI, said with confidence that “a truly extraordinary and supernatural event had occurred, thanks to the intercession of Paul VI.”

Several years ago, Father Marrazzo had received a list of a number of possible miracles; and from the list, he felt that the strongest case could be made for healing of the unborn child who appeared to be healed in utero.

And last year—on December 20, 2012—Pope Benedict approved the declaration of Pope Paul as a person of “heroic virtue”, granting him the title of “Venerable”.

According to Catholic News Agency:

The debate over the late Pope’s cause has intensified over the past year, with doctors exchanging medical opinions until yesterday’s final verdict. Speaking at a conference on Paul VI’s visit to the Holy Land last November, the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, said the former Pope’s beatification “should be relatively imminent.”



  • Elijah

    Great news!!! I have always had a great love for Pope Paul VI. In my opinion he suffered more than JPII, particularly because it was from those within the Church. JPII even mentioned his suffering for Christ and the Church at the beginning of his encyclical ‘Redemptor hominis.’ Thank God for the humble Pope Paul VI.

  • Katalina

    I too am very excited about this news about Pope Venerable Paul VI who I grew up with as a child and teenager. As far as the rupture that took place after the Council that was NOT his fault. Benedict said himself that certain people in the Church with an agenda caused the rupture which is slowly but surely getting better. It certainly is in my own parish. The New Mass was the only thing he did wrong but the Cardinal in charge was appointed not by Paul or even John XXII but Venerable Pius XII.

  • Arturo

    I am so excited about these news! This Pope was smart enough to give the Church a new refresh update. He was defender of life and the first modern Pope. To all Tridentine Rite lovers, HH Paul VI did not abolish it, rather presented a new updated rite. Although I praise on our heritage and tradition, the Tridentine Mass was only established in 1572, therefore out of 2014 years of history, we only used it for 383 years. Just as Pius V saw fit to introduce a new rite in 1572 to outdate the Gallican, Latin, and Mozarabic; Paul VI was visionary and brave to introduce the Vatican II mass. He really made our Church Universal, which is the root meaning of Catholic.

  • Leo XIII

    Are you serious!? He was among those responsible Vatican II, which turned the modern Catholic “church” protestant! I would not be surprised if he is burning in hell for what he has done and the heresies he has promoted, along with the likes of JP2, Ben16, (who are public heretics and have ties to masons and commies- read their books!) and their co conspirators. Read about how many real Popes, councils, saints, and even God himself have warned against and condemned the abuses these imposters have promulgated and endorsed. For example: Assissi prayer meetings are direct violation of the first Commandment! (so is kissing the koran, and receiving dung blessing- JP2) Please become humble and do some research before you blindly follow deceptions of the devil. Read the long St. Michael prayer by Pope Leo XIII and read about WHY he wrote it.
    Here also is some very good evidence: (warning: not for the proud of heart…) http://www.traditioninaction.org/ProgressivistDoc/A_094_MontiniHomo.html

  • Leo XIII

    What about all the hoops many REAL Saints have had their cases go through, with WAY more than just one supposed “intersession” which is has no actual proof, like this guy and JPII? And some of those heavily documented cases are still pending? Then this guy and others of Vatican II are fast-tracked and just able to get through so easily without the amount of time and scrutiny required for those truly holy Saints who were deceased several decades before the process was begun for them!?
    This would have something to do with the FACT that: “John Paul II made sweeping changes in the canonization procedure.” “He made his first move in 1983, when, without notice, he abolished the office of the Devil’s advocate.” http://www.vatileaks.com/_blog/Vati_Leaks/post/How_Pope_John_Paul_II_organized_his_own_sainthood/
    All this so they can further deceive the people into believing the things they promote as holy, just because they made sure they would be known as saints… Only the Devil could mastermind a plan like this, faithfully put into play by his minions.

  • gregoryvii

    Saint Pius XII, ora pro nobis!