BREAKING: Pope John Paul II’s Final “Book” to Be Released February 5

Wow!  Pope John Paul II has another book coming out?!

You’ve read Crossing the Threshold of Hope.  You have read much of the great body of work by Pope John Paul II which has become known as the Theology Of The Body.

Now another book is about to be released.

Vatican Insider broke this story:  On February 5, the Polish publishing house Znak will release “I Am in God’s Hands:  Personal notes 1962-2003

You may recall that the Holy Father specifically requested of his personal secretary and close confidante Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz that he burn his notes after his death.  “I ask that Fr. Stanisław see to this,” said the Holy Father, “and I thank him for his help and collaboration, so understanding for so many years.”

Dziwisz, now a cardinal, had been a lifelong trusted friend of the pontiff; but in this one instance, he did not obey.  Asked in an interview after the Pope’s funeral why he didn’t burn the notes as requested, Cardinal Dziwisz explained, “they were of historical importance. They are the key to interpreting his spirituality, his innermost self: his relationships with God, others and himself.”

According to the publisher, I Am in God’s Hands contains “the most important personal, innermost questions and moving reflections and prayers that marked [the Pope’s] everyday life.” This includes “notes that show his concern for those dear to him–friends and collaborators–and for the Church that was entrusted to him.”



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