Pope Francis Having “One of Those Days”

Did you ever stop to think how much of the Pope’s life is lived in the public eye?  I mean, his every move is going to be filmed and photographed!  How he must relish the down time when he can retreat to his quarters and read….

This from Catholic News Service:  Popes have ordinary moments, too.

He had just finished delivering his blessing at the end of his catechesis at the Wednesday general audience. The 77-year-old pope first rubbed his eyes, then his face. It was essentially the pope’s four seconds of down time before spending the next hour and a half greeting bishops, people with disabilities and many others.

Paul Haring of the CNS Rome Bureau wrote,

My colleagues and I frequently see the pope doing ordinary human things: blowing his nose, taking a drink of water, scratching his face, etc…. We’ll sometimes photograph these moments but usually don’t use them. There is a certain sense of decorum among us — about what is appropriate for public consumption and what should be kept private.

In this case, the photo seemed to convey just how tiring it is to lead an audience and greet so many people outside in winter weather for two and a half hours.

Click the picture below to see Pope Francis in action.  And read the rest here.

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  • Louanne Kunzer

    I’m a new Catholic and I’m trying to absorb everything about a religion that’s so amazing and complicated. For reasons know only by God I walked into the home town Catholic church and asked to be “religiously” adopted and I feel such honor at being accepted. I did attend RCIA but there is still so much more I want to understand, can you recommend a book to help me?

    • kathyschiffer

      Welcome, Louanne!
      There are so many, many books from which to choose! Do you want to know more about saints, Church law, history, traditions, comparisons with other faiths, liturgy? For starters, I think you’d like Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s “Catholicism Pure and Simple”.

    • It’s wonderful to have you. Welcome!