The Pope, the Parrot and the Stripper: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Pope Francis Gladly Blesses Parrot Belonging to Male Stripper (ABC News)

I couldn’t write a headline like that if I tried.

From ABC News:

Pope Francis has dined with homeless people, made the cover of Time and Rolling Stone and now has blessed a parrot belonging to a male stripper.

The parrot, named Amore, was initially passed up by Pope Francis as he rode around in the popemobile during his general audience in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday.  Eventually, Francis went back to bless the bird and hold it on his finger.

The bird’s owner was identified as Francesco Lombardi, and according to ANSA, he’s a former male stripper turned erotic film actor.

“It was fun,” Lombardi told ANSA after meeting the pope. “A sort of mixing of the holy and the profane.”

Lombardi said Amore parroted back “Papa,” which the crowd was chanting at Pope Francis.

Lombardi, who has also been the head of the town council of Trezzano, near Milan, told ANSA that he attended the pope’s general audience with his wife and two daughters.

  • Theodore Seeber

    The attraction the profane have for the holiness of this Pope is simply amazing.

  • RufusChoate

    This very lovable man of God continues his charm offensive but to what end I don’t know or understand. Is he a novelty for the Italians?

  • Manny

    All we need is a really good punch line to go with that set up. :-) Is that what they call porn stars now, “erotic film actors”? LOL.

    • irena mangone

      It’s better than porn star what on earth possessed them to be called stars .what a crazy world we live in when sports people and actors are called icons and heroes gosh I thought heroes had to do something heroic firefighters police soldiers not just catch a ball and score goals guess it takes all sorts to make the world

      • Manny

        I agree. Thanks.

  • Susan Peterson

    Perhaps having his pet parrot blessed will catch the heart of this man and lead him to repentance, who knows? I see no harm in this.

  • Phoenix_Lion

    He attracts people to God because they see the light of God within him.

  • Lobi

    I was confused, and had to read that twice, because the bloke has a very similar name to the Vatican’s representative, Fr Federico Lombardi, SJ.

    • ME

      That was my first thought as well…