Pro-Abort Comedienne’s Disgusting Rant Against Hobby Lobby

Leftist comedienne Laura Levites would like to castrate every male conservative Christian so that they have no “reproductive rights”, and she offers to pay for the surgery for Hobby Lobby CEO David Green.

No, that’s not all.  She proclaims she’d like to purchase a saw from Home Depot to cut off Green’s male organ so she can “shove it up his a**.”

Levites, an atheist who hates Christians and conservatives, called folks like us “scumbags” and asked, “Why can’t Agent Orange be legal?”

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Okay, am I completely lacking a funny bone, or this is just over-the-top hate speech?

Jeff Allen, writing over at BarbWire, exposes the illogic of this tirade:

No reproductive rights? Huh? Hobby Lobby actually covers 95% of prescription birth control — they’re just not willing to cover abortifacients like IUDs, Ella, and Plan B. And they aren’t preventing anyone from using it, either. They just refuse to pay for it.

So, does that mean that if Hobby Lobby declines to pay for their employees’ car insurance that they’re infringing upon their “transportation rights?” And since Hobby Lobby is not making anyone’s homeowner’s insurance or property tax payments, I guess that means they’re contributing to homelessness too.

Someone, Allen writes, must have gotten up on the liberal side of the bed.  He notes that Levites is obviously not in a laughing mood, because those bad old “male conservative Christians” are unwilling to pay for what she does in that bed.

In fact, the religious beliefs of some individuals prevent them from bankrolling the sexual escapades of people like her.  This, for Levites and her ilk, simply cannot be.

She doesn’t stop at that.  Read the rest here.

  • Manny

    I’ve never heard of her. There wasn’t an once of humor in anything you quoted. She sounds more like a sick person in need of help. May God help her.

  • robert chacon

    No, thats just leftist humor. Hate speech is only when conservatives dare to have a different opinion than liberals.

  • Dale

    Obscure comedians often play to their crowd. Sadly, making outrageous statements is one way to attract attention, and possibly bring in a bigger audience.

    However, I’m not sure that calling Laura Levites a “feminazi”, as the Barbwire article does, is all that different from what she does.

  • irena mangone

    Why are these people so full of hate