• http://printsofgrace.blogspot.com/ Trisha Niermeyer Potter

    I also loved the book and have been incredibly impressed by how lucidly Fr. Barron explains the tenets of the Catholic faith and how people can put those into practice in this day and age. Thanks for your reflection!

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I already have my Lenten reading set and three-quarters read or I would have gone back to Fr. Baron’s book. When it first came out, I read about half and then moved on, but it needs a complete and closer reading. Maybe for next year’s Lent.
    By the way I decided to go with Thomas a Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ and Julie Davis’ Happy Catholic for this year’s Lent. I have to admit I have found Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ to be as dry and boring as can possibly be. I definitely would have preferred something else. Happy Catholic is fun.