Mom, You’re the Best! A Loving Tribute


She’s always been there for you.

She’s been the encourager-in-chief, coaxing you to try, to master new things, to explore your world in new ways.


She’s been your biggest cheerleader.  Her confidence in you and her gentle nudge have helped you to step out into the world. 

She’s been your teacher and your strongest example.  Through her love, you’ve understood something of the love of God.  Through her patient instruction, you’ve mastered difficult subjects and advanced to the next level–in school, in sports, in life.

She’s had your back when things aren’t going well, and she’s always been there to welcome you home.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Ascension Press has put together this moving tribute to moms.

  • Ascension Press

    Wow, what a beautiful post, Kathy! Thank you for doing this – we are truly humbled and honored.

  • Kelly Thatcher

    Well, okay, I’m crying. Thank you Mom. (You too, Kath.)